Emotional Intelligence

What are the emotions?

Emotions are an integral part of every man. Basic emotions are biology given. Emotion is a phenomenon that can be manifested in different ways. Maybe manifested, as a psychological point of view as well as from the behavior. They are essentially facial expressions. By using them, we can get some information about the emotions of an individual. Their design affects the social environment.

Believe that emotions are a collection of cognitive assessments. The measure of emotion is the self-assessment of each individual.

-What is the cause of emotion? – Man as a living creature is biologically created to respond to specific situations and things. That means he has to deal with all the emotions he has created. These are various events that surround it with current goals and needs. This means that Emotions are the product of a combination of these two processes.

They occur in the interaction of people – real or anticipated. They are genetic and acquired predispositions to respond experientially. They are preparing us for action that results from interaction with the environment.

Thinking, emotions and behavior are in constant interaction. Thus resulting reaction of the people. On the basis of emotions and thinking brings to the court about something. This means that we do not see things, people, situations themselves, but in relation to our emotions. Because the emotions depend on our evaluation and subjective experience, and therefore the reaction, IE. Our behavior.

Feelings that accompany the person; joy, sadness, date, fear, zeal, voltage,

Sympathy, pride, shame, gratitude, concern, anxiety. Are manifested to man through gesture and mimicry. Every emotional experience leads to physiological changes in the body. As, for example, heart palpitations, sweating, flushing, tremor voice, rapid breathing.

Contrary to this, there are also negative emotions. They are resulting from a negative situation. Can be divided into healthy or unhealthy. So in accordance with our thoughts and expectations, we determine the direction in which our emotional and behavioral conditions will develop.


The ability of emotional intelligence

After a long period of consideration and research, the phenomenon of emotional intelligence has offered answers to many questions. All these answers are related to one, common question; “What mental qualities determine success”? This is the essence of all the emotions related to the human person.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has its roots in the concept of social intelligence. This means that the concept of communication leads people to be maturing and wise. Social intelligence encompasses interpersonal intelligence as an ability to perceive what motivates other people. To find out how they work and become successful in that.

Whereas, Interpersonal intelligence analog value, just turns to our inner being. It is the ability to provide a clear and precise picture of ourselves. To make our own identity. And thus create a clear picture for us and so we behave.

So we have a better foundation to develop our emotional intelligence. This means that through observation and understanding, we differentiate our emotions and others and use the information that we use to provide the basis for our thinking and action. To get to know our emotions and to rule with him. So that we do not leave it to ourselves and that reason overcomes the impulse and inner impulses.

On emotional intelligence depends on each success and failure. How to successfully set up some relationships and values. In short, emotional intelligence depends on all aspects of work and life.

Similarly, research shows that the underlying causes of failure lie in the lack of emotional competence. Hence the inability to successfully master the changes and difficulties. To establish good and functional links with other people.

This means that emotional intelligence is a key factor in human intelligence and character. Without her people would be without reason and understanding. They could not build their feelings and process.

Are the main factor in the existence of man as the most evolved living being.



Four major areas of emotional intelligence

After long years of testing, scientists came to the conclusion that there are four different factors of emotional intelligence. They are the perception of emotions, the ability to reasonably use emotions, the ability to understand emotions, and the ability to manage emotions.

-Perception of emotion-This is what is fundamental to the perception of the basics of emotion. Which means to perceive the gesture and speech of the body, in emotional feelings.

-The ability to reasonably use emotions-This means using emotions so that they promote mindset and cognitive activity. Helping us choose the priorities we will pay attention to and how we will respond.

-Understanding the emotions-This means that we understand what is being expressed through emotion. Because they have a wide variety of significance. Understanding emotions are very important for proper emotion management.

-Emotion management-This is a key part of emotional intelligence. Regulating emotions, responding appropriately, and responding to other emotions is very important aspect of emotional engagement. And this means the overall success and ability of emotional intelligence.



How to increase emotional intelligence?

-Learn to recognize feelings-The best way to recognize is to recognize the emotions that lie in you. When you do not know what you feel or are in a confusion, It is best to differentiate them and rank them. Whilst remaining realistic, without being exaggerated.

-Take responsibility-This means not to be sorry and ask for an explanation from others, for what you feel. Identify what you feel and try to understand why you feel it. What better you understand the circumstances why you feel that way, you will quickly resolve your feelings.

-Be less sensitive-If a situation does not happen to you or if someone does not agree with you, do not immediately pull or attack. This can only create an image of you as you cannot cope with situations. Therefore, focus and reasonable being converted. This does not mean we should let you all sorts of things to say and thus modify their behavior and their emotions.

-See problems in their entirety-This means that you can see how important this problem is for a long period of time. What kind of consequences would they have and what could be the effect of their effects. That is why it is important to put the impulse under control and reasonably think. Because it will lead you to the unwanted effects of simple situations in which someone will inadvertently hurt you. Intelligent, emotional maturity this and demand, to be under control.


How do you develop emotional intelligence?

As well as every skill essential to life, experiments and mistakes. But the theory is also very important. Knowledge is very important to know how to focus on thinking and make decisions right. Reading and thinking are the basics of everything and then come practice and application. This implies attempts and errors, which are an integral part of every learning.

This is something like exercise and fitness. If you pay attention to your own and the emotions of other people, if you accept them and try to understand them, you are on the best path to developing your emotional intelligence. Because emotional intelligence is composed of more abilities. And each one of them can specially insist and improve.

But everything takes time. If you want to get results, practice exercises slowly and with thought. Over time, you will see that the emotions are more mature and less emotional.

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