Emotional overeating

Psychological hunger

There is a backlink between our emotions and the food we eat. In the face of a feeling of loneliness, anger, frustration after a quarrel with a partner or a “toxic” day at work, people resort to “consoling foods” that “sneak out” negative emotions.

People eat for different reasons. Emotional eating is most often associated with unpleasant feelings, but positive emotions can also stimulate it.

One eats with the goal to calm down; others eat to relieve the feeling of loneliness.

When life becomes very shaky and tense, food can become a means of calming and well-being. The food can act positively to the mood, but it is only momentarily. This is the moment of weakness, so we return to reality.

When in times of weakness we feel the need for food, then with the security we can say that this is already a problem. Continuous overuse may cause major health problems. It is said that emotional overuse is a form of violence against self-self-destructive behavior.

In recent years, the number of people in the field of emotion is rising. Nearly 75% of the domination stems from emotional overeating. And we must say that women are more starving than mice.

The difference between physical and psychological hunger

When we need some food at some point, and yet we do not feel the lag horn becomes a relic of emotional hunger. The emotional hunger comes suddenly and unwillingly as the physical hunger comes up gradually.

When eaten to fill some emotional emptiness and not emptiness in the wilderness, it is about to set some foods that we have thought about for a long time. And that’s the aura that calms me.

But when we are really worried, we are open to a variety of options and thinking. Thus, the choice of food becomes more diverse.

That is why emotional hunger does not choose the time or order of things that they eat and eat. They go for satisfaction and calm and then it is extended to fill the womb and overflow. As a result, all this comes with thickness as the accompanying element of calories.

But when it comes to physical hunger, it is very likely that it will stop with a prolonged intake because there is a lack of satiety that does not allow more food to be taken.

How to recognize emotional hunger

The first thing you have to do to overcome emotional hunger is to recognize that you are doing it, and when you recognize it, try some strategies to overcome emotional hunger.

Here are some features of emotional hunger:

It occurs abruptly – Physical hunger occurs gradually, signals in the stomach, emotional hunger comes abruptly, as an “attack.”

Focused on a specific food – We need to eat a certain type of food, and no substitution is enough for us.

It happens “above the neck” – It begins in the mouth and mind. They want their mouth to have a pizza or a croissant with chocolate. We are intentionally thinking about the food you want.

Includes automatic or absent food consumption – As if the other hand grabs the ice cream and puts it in your mouth (automatic eating) or you will have noticed that you have eaten all the biscuits (absent eating).

It’s impossible to put it away – Emotional hunger is looking for food right away to get rid of an unpleasant emotion as soon as possible. It is related to disturbing emotions. The boss screamed at you. Your son has a problem. Emotional hunger occurs in a disturbing situation.

You do not even spin when you’re on the site – Since we eat to put an awkward feeling on ourselves, and not to feed the body, it often ends up overwhelming.

Encouraging the guilty – The paradox of emotional revelation is that you eat to feel better and then you criticize because you ate cookies, cakes … You promise yourself that you will recover.



What causes emotional hunger

There are many reasons for emotional hunger. The first is the place of stress what we encounter every day. It exhausts both physically and emotionally. In such a situation, it is normal for us to catch food to lift the bar for a brief consideration of the accumulated negative emotions.

In another place are angst, tag, bitterness, dissatisfaction, wines. This is a group of strong emotions that work their intensities to create problems. In such cases, food is always at hand to help reduce negative feelings.

But we need to know that food, like alcohol and cigarettes, creates addiction. There is an “emotional anesthetic” that only helps them instantly.

This in itself exerts negative effects. The first is fatigue with all negative health consequences. The part occurs as a result of food intake with a high content of fat and sugar in the food.


Find other ways to “feed” emotion

Spending time with positive people should not be neglected as too much of an obligation and a problem. The obligation will always be, and if you do not set yourself time for friends and events that make your life meaningful, you will find it is hard to get rid of negative emotions and stress.

It is therefore important to be aware of what makes you happy and content in life, and how often, you can afford such pleasures. With a handful of everyday tasks and a little free time, it is important to use every moment to satisfy your desires and to overcome the daily routine easier. The most common are small things that cost nothing: playing with pets, 15 minutes of grooming, walking with a dear person, morning meditation, fragrant bath at the end of the working day motivating home training, reading a book you’ve been planning for a long time, relaxing a telephone conversation …


We can help

Before we have to be aware that there is a problem, another step is to look for and how we help.

That is why it is very important to find a pattern that leads to emotional hunger. We need to learn how to deal with negative emotions, and the most important thing is to make the change of the bad habits. Lose habits are the biggest source of negative emotions. Seek out and help from the professionals who can help. Various programs also offer us a period to overcome emotional problems.

It can help us with proper nutrition, proper planning of daily meals, physical activity, and rest. Good way of life and meeting our needs can be said to be able to fully help alleviate the bad habits and dependence on emotional overuse.

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