Facts About Emotional Stress

This is a very demanding form of stress. Like all forms of stress, and this occurs in the human mind. Can come out of nowhere, without any prior announcement. The most common causes for the emergence of emotional stress are situations in which a man can handle it. There are a variety of situations related to their own lives or the nearest family. Because everyone does not carry the same emotional system in itself.

Emotional stress can be called a modern disease. As such, it is present in all types and classes of people, everywhere in the world. Too much emotional stress can cause major problems in human life. Can cause you to feel incomplete and empty. Emotional stress can spend energy and vitality.

Can also lead to health problems. Headaches, stomach disorders, ulcers, rashes, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart disease. Emotional stress can encompass the entire health nervous system of a man.

Therefore, we can say that stress is a way to cope with our body observed threats. In the past, he also appeared as a reason because of the danger from wild animals or enemies. In today’s lifestyle, the emotional stress he himself imposed when the workload more than psychologically or mentally can not stand it.




The main cause of various stressful situations in which there is a man. Under stressful situation means any situation in which he found. A man under a stressful situation means any situation that leads to a stressful condition. These can be very diverse situations that everybody does not cause the same emotional experiences.

Whether it be a stressful situation or not, it depends on each person that is experiencing it. But it depends on how each person is perceived and accepted in every situation.

Emotional stress is always caused by a dramatic event that exposes the nervous system of the person’s strong effort. And any situation that requires a huge adaptive effort of the individual can be stressful.

In some sense, everyone would say that every negative situation is stressful. For example; the loss of a loved one, to attend due to other people’s death or being placed in a threatening situation own life.

This situation can cause a strong effort on the human mind and its nerves. So it was a great effort, which can cause changes in the work of the brain. In some situations, a strong emotional strain can cause post-traumatic stress.

Because the emotional stress that is caused by emotional strain prevents a person from thinking about something other than the issues that make it unsolvable. In such a situation, the human mind is in a serious condition which cannot function normally. This condition leads to indifference and lack of concentration, fatigue, and even memory problems.

Also, emotional stress increases moodiness and anxiety. Which is one more burden for a person with emotional stress. In such a situation, a person suffering from emotional stress is left completely lost and alone.



When a person is under emotional stress, It is very likely to be experiencing symptoms of it. The reasons for the appearance of symptoms are different for each. But it is important that when there are few of them, should seek help from an expert. It is necessary for you to come back with positive energy and give the hope of the human spirit.

Signs, symptoms are actually divided into physical and mental.

Physical signs include fatigue, lassitude, skin tone on the face, unbalanced sleep, loss or reduction of feeling, loss of appetite, digestive problems, headaches, a strong desire for food and sweets, nervous movements, the desire for sickness, and cramps in the neck.

Mental signs are: refraining from laughter, poor concentration, inability to exercise tasks, hardly making decisions, feelings of helplessness, incompatibility, and loss of desire to socialize. And all of these symptoms we listed, arising from emotional stress.

Causes the formation of emotional stress and all diseases

In ancient China, people know that emotions have a strong influence on the human body. According to them, emotions are the main cause of the emergence of diseases.

Emotions can cause various diseases. This can happen with very strong people. Because everyone has the feeling that in a variety of stressful situations and overcome injured man. In various stressful situations, we are forced to face them and try to overcome them. Then the emotions dominate our body. So it is important to know that for good health to avoid stressful situations or quickly resolved by it.

We have already said that stress is a load, voltage, pressure, attack, earthquake. This comes when stress builds up and the body can not deal with it. Then the person can become ill from many diseases.

Can feel chronically tired or exhausted;

  • Can suffer from insomnia or excessive sleep requirements; may lose appetite, sexual desire, and ability to enjoy life;
  • Can not reach depression, anxiety, panic attacks and paid, obsession, phobia.

And the causes for the occurrence of this disease at the present time are much more well-known and clear. These are;

  • Pressures associated with the job and career
  • Money
  • Pressures related to weather
  • Family
  • Love life

These causes are all of us very famous because today’s way of life all of us working particularly hard situation.


The impact of stress on the body

Our body is experiencing stress as a warning to the possible threat or danger. But within it occur a large number of reactions. Heartbeat speeds up, slows down the digestion, digestive system, there is a secretion of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Bloodstream directs blood to the major muscle groups. All this is happening due to the collection of energy in the body for defense or escape from potential danger.

At the same time, rapidly increasing activities in the cortex of the brain. So it is important to the functioning of the vegetative nervous system – especially its sympathetic part – then the hypothalamus, pituitary, and endocrine. At the onset of stress in the organism occurs, first, under the influence of the pituitary gland of the endocrine glands secrete a variety of hormones in the blood. Second, the fiber vegetative nervous system directly stimulates many internal organs and glands, acting both on their work. All this is happening inside the body without being able to control all these functions.

But after a potentially dangerous situation has passed, all functions return to normal. So we need to know that, as the length of the stress, the greater the risk for ailments of a disease. Tension is higher and the work and function of internal organs are compromised.



The mere appearance of emotional stress should not our frightens. It is best to know which is the cause of the occurrence of stress. And thereafter, take all measures to prevent it.

The fastest and easiest way to change this state of affairs is to do something with your body. Run up, walk, drink a glass of water, do anything different from the current situation. It will not solve the cause of stress and repair the problem, but will allow you to get “breath” or that you can better think again.

After leaving the emotional stress, you will see a mind-and long-term improvement for the body only. Everything will come to a normal start from functioning normally.

You need to know that only you can best help yourself. So it is most important that you be relaxed, calm and to think with a ‘cool head’ ‘. Just to rule with the situation and not let you get out and get lost. It is clear that this cannot be achieved at once. Both can be achieved, if practiced on a daily basis, all we ever told to avoid stress.

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