EMPATHY-positive emotions

What is Empathy?

The word of empathy is inspired by the Greek empathy =that mins feeling, passion, enjoy themselves. This fully means that a person living with the feelings of another person. It is the ability to understand the emotions of other people and how to respond to perceived emotions. To understand what the person feels in the situation in which he is and to understand how to react in a similar situation. It is one of the fundamental emotions and it is extremely important for healthy emotional and moral development.

Its main characteristics-feel what another person feels, imagine that I am – you in your situation. This means actively listening to the other person, understanding the feelings and needs of others by distinguishing themselves from others. Empathy is not a mingling of identity with another person, but it is feeling, understanding. There are clear limits. What does it mean to understand, and what to live with someone.


But what does it represent?

Empathy is a positive emotion inherited by emotionally mature people. They know exactly when and how to use it and what with it. Because that someone had to have an insight into their emotional states. The better you have an insight into your emotions, the better you see the other feelings. Because knowing what others feel is one of the most important qualities throughout their lives. Without empathy, we could not find ourselves in love, parenting, social socialization.

The ability to decipher the other’s feelings is a key factor for all emotionally mature people. One who can not do it has a shortage of emotional harmony with other people.

Because emotional intelligence actually governs its own emotions and feelings. It really means – being able to properly respond to the mumble feelings, carefully and adequately. It is good to be aware of the feelings of other people, as long as we know that this is their feelings, not ours.

Empathy is to establish a relationship with others. One who does not possess this feature, or is not interested in others or is focused only on himself.


Inherited or acquired

Empathy is a precondition for socialization. Because in society, it is necessary first to understand rationally what others feel. Do not allow the feeling of anxiety because we do not suppress feelings. Also includes empathy and emotional connection. Because empathy is part of the process of social status.

As a trait of a personality, empathy can be both inherited and acquired. Thanks to the genes it inherits and develops. Depending on the environment and the social condition, it is encouraged and developed. Based on this, empathy can be practiced in a social environment. But empathy may be lost in the course of life. It all depends on the desire and ability to develop feelings. Because if someone does not want to socialize and be in the environment of people, then the empathy can not be his father.

Although we have already mentioned that empathy is hereditary, it must be developed from the small leg. This is still being done while the children are small, with adults. Because those children who have well-established and developed empathy, are more successful and more satisfied in school and in social situations, have more friends, and feel satisfied. That is why it is very important for parents and families to develop these emotions and skills.


Empathy is not just the way to extend the boundaries of your moral universe. Research has shown that empathy is a set of habits through which we can improve the quality of our own lives. But we must know that Empathy should not be confused with kindness, even with pity. She as a hereditary trait that is developed in the course of life, can be used to change unfavorable social circumstances. So people who are engaged in exploring this trait reveal what habits are developed by empathic people. Which are actually the habits that empathic people bring to the mature person. Here are some of them;

Talk to strangers-In this case, with empathic people, strangers will be very interested in talking and communicating. With it, the communication will be a little cautious child, which is being examined by everyone in a caravan person. But not as an examiner, but as a researcher. This is achieved by curiosity.

Curiosity is a key factor in developing our empathy by talking to people outside of our common social circle. Using it, we can raise our own dissatisfaction with life at a higher level. Curiosity gives us the ability to grasp the world that exists in the head of another person. But to incorporate curiosity into our everyday social life requires only one thing that’s courage.

Overcoming prejudices and discovering similarities-often in everyday life we meet people who receive or accept a variety of situations and other people with prejudice. They act mechanically, without thinking and making infertile conclusions. This results in blindness and unrealistic observation of the true image.

So empathic people are faced with their prejudices and prejudices. Those people look for what they have in commoner rather than what sets them apart. Because empathy is very important as the emotions that reasonably help people in making decisions and making the right conclusion.

Life from the perspective of the other-This habit is perhaps one of the most extreme. But that does not mean that it is impossible to implement it. The only question is whether he would like to perform. Because People with a High Empathy experience gain direct experiences from other people’s lives. They actually put their reason into empathy and thus come to the knowledge they would otherwise not be able to understand or accept. Understand that the differences between people doing social barriers, and not for the differences between people. This can only be done by doing things we do not otherwise do. Create a path that you’ve never even thought to go. All this can help you to look and see how someone else is experiencing.


Careful listening and openness-This is a key feature for every empathic person. They listen carefully to the interlocutor. Because you carefully listen is an art that not everyone has the opportunity to acquire. Empathic people listen very carefully to others and do everything to capture their emotional states and needs. But in itself, empathy leads to openness – which includes vulnerability. Because empathy is a two-way street, where they receive but also give the feeling. So it comes to acquiring the conviction. To everyone and cannot do, if it is outside their confidence. So this trait is one of the most admired in empathic people.

The development of rich imagination-Thinking about a person or situation, where we are at the moment, gives us the opportunity to develop empathy. This leads to thinking for some and that does not share our thinking. Because empathy as a trait does not appear on the scene for just a few things and events.

Everyone who does not think like ours in any way becomes an opponent. So it is good to put ourselves in his exhibitions and realize what motivates him to think so. Empathy towards opponents is also part of the path towards social tolerance. By imagining and feeling what the opponent falls, through empathy we can overcome the differences. Using it, we can do a radical revolution in human relationships. To a better and easier way of communication.

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