Cholesterol is a form of fat that is necessary for Sintese hormone from the group of corticosteroids. Among them are hormones such as; estrogen, progesterone, testosterone. Also required for the production of bile salt without which it cannot imagine digestion in the gut. Cholesterol is good for the body only to a certain amount. High cholesterol is dangerous for health. Together with diabetes, hypertension, smoking, and high cholesterol are one of the main risk factors for heart attack.

High Cholesterol-What it means?

For a healthy person, cholesterol in the blood should be not greater than 5,0 mmol/lit. So there is a benefit (HDL) and harmful (LDL) cholesterol.

About the harmful (LDL) cholesterol should know that the particles accumulate and precipitate on the walls of arteries and cause atherosclerosis. That is one of the risk factors for heart attack. It is reducing the volume and mobility of blood vessels.

The function of good cholesterol (HDL) is to collect bad cholesterol, where it has too much and to take it to the liver. And for this reason, called cleaner blood vessels.

Here is the normal value of these two types of cholesterol;

  • The normal quantity of LDL cholesterol is less than three mmol/lit
  • And for HDL cholesterol must be greater from 1 mmol/lit


When do you need to check cholesterol?

All those who have a family history of patients with heart disease or sick from diabetes or smokers or with high blood pressure, all these people need to check cholesterol before the twentieth year of life. All others who do not have a burden of the kidney, thyroid gland or liver, should do control once in the three years to forty-five years of life, in a male and once in the three years to the fifty-fifth years of life in a female and after menopause. But you can do routine control when you want.

Whether the high cholesterol causes a heart attack?

Yes, in several cases, high cholesterol is the primary risk factor for a heart attack not to mention high blood pressure and smoking. And all those things are a danger to the health of blood vessels.
With an increase in cases of risk factors, the possibility of the increase of getting a heart attack. But high cholesterol is one of the main factors for this.

Whether they are men and women in equal danger?

Thanks to a protective impulse of female sex hormones (estrogen), women have a lesser risk but only up to menopause. After that, they are the same exposed, as well as men.
Men are more vulnerable because the male sex hormone (testosterone) reduces the number of benefits. The HDL cholesterol removed fatty deposits in the arteries.

Did the thickness of humans, a sign of high cholesterol in the body?

Bodyweight and cholesterol are not always linked together. Most of those who suffer from high cholesterol caused by genetic – hereditary predisposition are the most normal body weight or even skinny. But still, those with higher weight, especially those who have a big belly, have fat in the lower abdomen. These fats are easy to run and deposited in the liver, where they arise lipoproteins. That’s why this obesity in men the cause of the appearance of atherosclerosis and diseases that it causes.

Are you taking olive oil is enough protection?

Yes, olive oil is perhaps the best natural product for human health and has a more beneficial effect on cholesterol. But it does not provide complete protection of the body from cholesterol. Be aware that other factors are affecting better health. Recommended by one spoon per day or two spoons with fresh salad.

Products that not recommended.

One of the main causes for the appearance of cholesterol is unhealthy food. The best prevention is varied food. We have to say that the products of a greater amount of saturated fat are; Egg-bile, animal brain, animal offal, than from animal origin butter, sour cream, smoked meat products, red meat. These are all products containing saturated fatty acids that lead to an increase in LDL cholesterol.

So, for better health is good to consume fruits and vegetables and instead of meat to eat fish.

Whether cholesterol is a hereditary trait?

Indeed debatable topic, but often it is hereditary. Anyone who has had someone in the family, who had a heart attack, has a risk factor for a heart attack. Such kind of people recommends regular inspections with measurement of blood pressure and determination of cholesterol in the blood.


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