Strengthening against allergy

Immunity or the immune system is the defense mechanism of our organism. Its role is to protect the body from various foreign bodies such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and all other microorganisms that pose a threat to our health. It also protects against both toxins and tumors that the body can only develop.

There are innate and acquired immune systems. The inborn already has a “foreknowledge” about many diseases, and it represents the “first line” of the defense against infections. Unlike it, it is acquired by an experienced person; specifically one developed in contact with the causative agents of the disease. There is a natural and artificially acquired immunity. Vaccination belongs to an artificially acquired immune system. To develop it, days, weeks, even months are needed, until the immune system completely defeats the foreign body. The innate and acquired immune system work together to better and more effectively protect the body.

A healthy, embarrassing, and immune system is one of the basic conditions of good human health. In the event of its infestation, there are various diseases. One of them, which we are talking about now is Allergy. It is a disproportionately violent reaction in contact with matter, which the immune system recognizes as harmful and attempts to defend itself against them. It suggests creating antibodies to protect against them. Such antibodies, called immunoglobulin E, bind to mast cells that in abundance have under the surface of the skin, in the nose, eyes, lungs, and digestive tract. When antibodies find an allergenic link to it, causing mast cells start creating a powerful chemical called histamine. Therefore, histamine is the major culprit for many side effects well-known to all affected allergies, such as sneezing, sneezing, headaches, sinus problems, and difficulty breathing.


Allergy is caused by an allergen from the environment. Some inhaled them; some are ingested through food, some through various medications, or the cause of the sting is stinging some insect. As already mentioned, allergies begin with exposure to the respiratory tract or skin. After all, followed by a series of allergic reactions. Sometimes it happens that we have inhaled an allergen several times before an allergy occurs. This means that allergies do not always manifest for the first time. In some unclear cases, the body begins to recognize that the backbone and begins to react. Thus, in the next exposure, the immune system starts to act and produces antibodies to defense itself. Then there are links with mastocytes found in the respiratory system tissue. After that, the chemicals produce called histamine is responsible for a lot of aggressive reactions.

Exposure is from the essential significance of time-consuming. For people with allergies and tolerance thresholds. This means that the body can be combined with a certain dose of gloss, but the tiredness of the immune system can also occur with the result of an allergic reaction.

Allergy as a topic is full of unanswered questions because there are many unexplained areas. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize the reaction itself because it is hiding behind a variety of different symptoms. But we know with security the following: more than allergies are harmless, what causes them is the immune system. The most common causes of the immune reaction of our organism to acts that are hypersensitive are genetics, liver disorders, parasites, and the most common environment.


How to get rid of the immune system

Nowadays, the immune system is a very important element for good health. The number and habit of fast life here do not help much. The main factors for the weakening of immunity are incorrect and unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption and stimulant preparations, long-term use of various medications, as well as mutations of various viruses and bacteria. It is therefore very important that the immune system of rabbits and they’re and its defensive power increase.

When we talk about nutrition, it is very important how we enter, how, and how much. Daily intake is very important for the performance of the immune system. The bodies with higher body mass and those who hold different children are more susceptible to various infections and infections.

Vitamins and minerals are very important for the immune system because they directly participate in various metabolic finishes. The essential vitamins that are very important are vitamin C as well as B6, B9, B12, and A. From minerals, zinc and selenium are strong for the development of the immune system. Zinc is essentially a mineral that stimulates the creation of immune cells. This mineral reduces the intensity and duration of influenza symptoms. Therefore, it is recommended to take zinc during various anesthesia and influenza. As a mineral, the natural antioxidant is an elastic tissue protector. Together with other minerals, it helps in creating white blood cells.

We can point out that in the strengthening of the immune system, they play a significant role in positive emotions because they produce more antibodies. Therefore, it is better to be happier than to have negative feelings. Even after the onset of a disease, it is necessary to have a positive attitude.

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