Medicine of the future-Homeopathy

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a holistic method of treatment. That helps the natural formation of the body to heal itself. This means that homeopathy recognizes all symptom terms of disharmony. Within the whole person and, that the disease is not treated, but the patient.

The holistic method has the principle that every person deep down has planted will and wisdom on health. So, treatment consists of encouraging the inner strength of the organism and not in the elimination of symptoms.

Thus, homeopathic remedy acts as a pulse. This impulse stimulates the strength of the organism. Launches defense mechanism and is working on a mental, emotional, and physical level person.

Homeopathic treatment awakens the wisdom of the body to achieve good health. In a holistic model of treatment, organs are not watching in isolation, but in line with the whole body and mind. Symptoms as information and guideline using on which to determine, which is the real cause of the disease.


Who discovered homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complementary and alternative branch of medicine. Is set for the first time, in 1876. Set them a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann. He discovered another way of treating the sick.  As Hippocrates 2,000 years ago, he realized that there are two approaches to treating ill health. That is the opposition and the other on the similarities.

Under the law of similarity, this doctor has built a philosophy and principles of treatments. The principle of similarity corresponds to the popular proverb “take a hair of the dog that bit you.” This means that the substance that causes certain symptoms in a healthy person, used for the same symptoms in a sick person.

For example.; chopping onions cause burning and watery eyes and runny nose. If someone gets sick from colds and flu, which produces similar symptoms, can help him with the homeopathic remedy of onion.

This approach to making medicines made a complete revolution in today’s mode of treatment.

For each homeopath, each case is unique. He knows that every person has a certain predisposition and responds to different stimuli. But in classical homeopathy, there is no one universal healing agent for a disease.

So, use the drug without taking into account the picture of a person will have no effect.

Homeopathy as a sure way of treatment- homeopathic preparations

Homeopathic preparations are of all substances from nature. Obtained from mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdom. The original substance is diluted, with rhythmic running across. Thereby reducing the concentration of the substance in the solution, increasing its effectiveness. This procedure is potentiation.

These preparations are not toxic and do not produce unwanted effects. So are suitable for most patients.

According to the principle of resonance, homeopathic preparation stimulates the body’s ability to have overcome the disease. Also, helps a person to be flexible and adaptable according to the environment.

So a person becomes more resistant to external stimuli.


Who can use homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a safe way to treat even babies, pregnant women, women in menopause, elderly. Used to treat both physical as well as mental and emotional states. The World Health Organization accepted it as a treatment method.

Homeopathy is widespread in many countries around the world. But homeopathic education is the most popular postgraduate training program. There are homeopathic hospitals around the world. In this way, homeopathy is in the sphere of modern medicine. So, is available for every disease and anyone can practice it.

What is homeopathy need to know?

Always start with a conversation with the patient. Thais receive information on the complete status of the patient. On the basis of this information, the doctor makes a decision about a patient to determine, that the formulation would be for that patient.

Examination of the general level of energy, the medical history, and the way in which the patient lives, is important. Only on that basis, your homeopath can come to a constitutional homeopathic medicinal product. Information for the determination of drugs is on all levels; physical, emotional, mental.

The homeopath must understand each of the symptoms to be able to make a complete picture of the patient’s condition.

What after starting homeopathic treatment?

There are many concerns about the mechanisms of action of natural law applied to the living world. With each new explanation, only to come more questions. In some patients appeared period of extreme prosperity and optimism. And in some patients, sometimes the symptoms are worse for a short time. It is a sign that the drug works and that your body goes through a phase of cleaning.

But can restore the old symptoms. These symptoms are transient and are not treated.

Doctor-homeopath works on the basis of clues, that is, symptoms. On the grounds that he came to the conclusion of what kind of harmful energy acts. Homeopath’s task is to find the minimum (similar energy from the natural environment) for such energy, similimum to present the life force, a life force will then respond in an adequate manner and to balance.




Does not have toxicity, side effects.

The special preparation process refined preparations to remove all toxic effects.


Homeopathy works by stimulating your own defense mechanisms. So, the body would heal itself. Although delicate, the results can be powerful and long-lasting.


Homeopathy looks at the person as a whole. Enough only one remedy which includes all your problems.

Preventive action

Homeopathy strengthens the immune system. This improves the resistance of people to various infections and diseases. Reduces the risk of diseases that occur as a result of stress and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Easy to consume

Homeopathic remedies are in the form of small tablets with a pleasant taste or in liquid form. For the  Children, there are granules, powders, and drops.

Without animal testing

Because people are different from animals, tested only healthy people. Symptoms that arise from medicinal substances are the symptoms of this substance that can cure a sick person.

Commitment to patient

Every homeopath devotes much time and attention to his patient. He monitors the treatment of the patient and knows all about him and his diseases. It also has a better insight into the case and the treatment is more effective.

Has wide application

Homeopathy has been used in medicine (acute, chronic diseases, and first aid), dentistry, veterinary medicine, agronomy.

Important as first aid

As quick medical help, homeopathic preparations can take at home or in the workplace.

Medicine of the future

Homeopathy is a science that is developing. Scientists are coming to new insights.

With the development of quantum physics come to the conclusion that this science, medicine of the future.

With over 6000 homeopathic remedies, homeopathy is a science that is evolving. Is available for anyone who wants to try this treatment. As well as easy and safe, homeopathy can practice for their own health.

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