Experts meet on a daily basis, professionally, privately, with a large number of misconceptions about nutrition, especially about what is healthy and what is unhealthy. The targets of unhealthy foods are often taken for granted, without prior verification, it is true.

These myths are unfortunately very fast. They are most likely to be with people who are just starting with fitness and bodybuilding. They are also referred to as the wrong way of getting the correct weight.

That is why wrong food claims can hurt your health and mood. That’s why it is logical that you set yourselves to yourself as you are;

  • Does excessive sugar intake really lead to diabetes?
  • Is Red Meat Really Carcinogenic?
  • How much water should you drink daily and is it healthy to eat defatted food?
  • Are the things you know about nutrition actually just harmful myths?

That’s why we highlight a few myths about nutrition that we wanted to clarify what is right and what is not.


It is better to eat 6 smaller meals a day out of 3 large ones

People who want to lower their body weight are eating smaller meals, but more often a day. But I get you wrong. Time does not reduce protein intake but only the amount of food. Therefore, they do not function in practice only in theory, to teach a food intake reduces weight.

Carbohydrates are unhealthy

Ejection of carbohydrates from the diet can lead to loss of weight, but it will surely lead to the removal of the biobank of our organism. In addition, we will soon feel a lack of energy, and negative energy and lethargy will get into our lives.

Black bread

It is often advertised as a healthier alternative to white bread. However, it happens that it’s only a plain bread of white flour to which the color is added! For those who “retain freshness for seven days,” there are so many additives that their label is “healthy food” and how it is questioned.

Food without fat

Many people who want a healthy life believe that buying products with a “light” label it is healthier to eat. This is because they are not properly trained or do not know what the “lightweight” product is, unlike the real product. Different mayonnaise, dairy creams, sauces, and products that contain a higher amount of fat can be less harmful than those processed in the “lightweight” version. For example, the “lightweight” may one, unlike the real one, only flashes about the taste. This is because of the “lightweight version” sweeteners of yokes and sugar. So it does not mean that the “light” version is healthier for consumption.



You must have heard that drinking eight glasses of water a day. In reality, this figure is not universal. For many, it might be a surprise that some experts are inquiring about the health benefits of drinking large amounts of water, suggesting that the recommended consumption of a liter and a half to two liters of water per day is actually much more than the body really needs.

Fast food is bad for health

Everything that has been done on fasting is harmful. It’s so with food. Food consumed with a lot of quick intake in the body is harmful. It’s not that bad to occasionally suspect a hamburger, pizza, or any other food that belongs in a fast It is, therefore, necessary to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Thus, they would have a good balance in food intake.

Frozen food

There is a myth that frozen foods are losing nutrients by freezing. Fresh foods were picked up and transported to a shopping center for days before they were purchased, while frozen foods immediately passed the freezing process. Fresh foods lose their nutrients after a few days, while in frozen foods, natural ingredients keep much longer.

Together fruit or dry

This myth can only be taken if you are taking fresh fruit for vitamin C because this vitamin is completely lost during drying. But, in addition to fresh fruit, the same amount of nutrients and sugar is equal to the dried fruit. So the need on a daily basis of 5 different fruits, human organism we can substitute for a meal of a spoon of dry fruit.


Salad is a healthy meal

If it is taken fresh, it is completely healthy for consumption. But most of the markets sell frozen vegetables. It loses the taste of the fruit itself, which subsequently requires the addition of various spices and saws. In any case, it does not mean healthy eating and healthy eating. Therefore, Watch what they’re buying.

Exercise is crucial

Although exercise is a fantastic way to improve our health, we must go hand in hand with a well-organized and healthy diet. Physical activity increases the appetite, so it is most important that after practice we do not bring anything into our body, otherwise, we will achieve a counter-effect.

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