Neck, ear, and also nostrils illness

Constant ailment from the nostrils:

This starts as a mucous membrane layer, the tears slowly reduce, dries out, and also develops a completely dry skin layer from yellowish-yellow different colors as well as an extremely uncomfortable aroma, the sensation of aroma, little by little varnishes as well as the individuals experience dry skin as well as nostrils discomfort, problem breathing and also a hassle. Aerosol breathings from 20% natural honey 1-2 opportunities day-to-day (could likewise be an actual ultrasound examination) or even neighborhood treatments from 100 g from natural honey, 2 g royal jelly, 10 g from Propolis grain, 5 g from sulfur particle are alleviated along with spray breathings. After strenuous rousing, the blend is made in a bakelite package. Throughout five times, two nodules are administered in the nose, in stretching out posture, and also then 10-15 times each use daily (fine at night). The treatment supplies an excellent restorative result.

Nose swelling:

Signs and symptoms feature hassle at the bottom of the nostrils as well as painful neck, dandruff tears, nasal aroma, and so on. A spray breathing from a 30% remedy from natural honey is executed two times a time, along with the nearby request from natural honey to the nose. Favorable lead to 95% from instances.

Irritation from the pearly whites – paradentosis:

The swelling procedure that includes the cells around the pearly whites brings about cold and also pearly white numbing, the development from oral calculus, inflamed bumps on the right, and also pearly white decay. It is actually addressed along with Propolis, tampons damped in a 30% alcoholic extraction from Propolis and also positioned on the centerpiece, bring about the casing and also extracted from the swelling method. Propolis is utilized through Propolis water as well as liquid, alcoholic drinks extraction from Propolis right before oral interference, Propolis supplies pain-free procedure.


Irritation of the best stomach:

The inflamed procedure is almost the periodontist along with periodontal that may lead to the dental cavity. Triggers are poor pearly white health and also microbial diseases. The fallen leaves are actually addressed along with the best 30% alcoholic essence Propolis a number of opportunities a time or even had 6 opportunities a time, every 3 hours, maintaining the oral cavity in the oral cavity along with the adhering to blend: 500g from natural honey, 100g from plant pollen and also 25g from powder Propolis. The emotion recovers and also inhibits a well-closed court. Therapy lasts for recovery.


Adjuvant stomatitis:

The best popular patients are little ones, the grownups in the lower arm, as well as expecting ladies. On the mucous membrane layer from the oral cavity, there is a little bun, total liquid-like dairy, which later on becomes an injury. Puffiness troubles are disclosed, boosted drool, an uncomfortable scent, improved local Glandulars.


  • Rinse the oral cavity along with 5% water-alcoholic Propolis extraction, every 2-3 hrs
  • Treatment from 30% alcoholic Propolis remove 1-2 opportunities at a time
  • Eating tiny Propolis spheres, 3-4 opportunities at a time.

Therapy lasts for recuperation, normally 2-5 times. When it comes to prevalent stomatitis (gotten off contaminated dairy as well as milk items) that is ideal to eat and also draw every 2-3 hrs from natural honey, continuously wash the oral cavity along with a 5% aqueous-alcoholic Propolis remove along with an oral cavity loyalty. The procedure has 2-4 times. Therapy from cataracts stomatitis (irritation from the lustrous vertebrae) is additionally carried out through thorough cleaning along with 5% aqueous-alcoholic Propolis extraction. The procedure lasts for recuperation, typically 2-4 times along with my mouth having 100-120g from natural honey, each revelation every 3 hrs, along with the relaxing in the oral cavity.


Is alleviated along with honeycomb hill natural honey or even natural honey in a honeycomb. That is having due to the spoon for 3 hrs in a resting posture along with composing the oral cavity. The arm or legs are bathed along with 20% alcoholic extraction from Propolis, 1-2 opportunities at a time. 2-3 opportunities a time this is smoked along with a 20% liquid extraction from Propolis to which a natural honey spoon is incorporated. The procedure lasts up until recuperation, normally 5-10 times.


Overcharging periodontal:

Mouthwash 5% through a quantity alcoholic Propolis solution or even 10% liquid Propolis essence or even through alleviating the correct 30% alcoholic Propolis remove. 500 g of natural honey combine with 100 gr from plant pollen. Have one gather six opportunities a time along with the remainder of your oral cavity. The procedure lasts for recovery.


Overcharging study pathways:

In different overcharging deprived roads, get three times a time from Propolis pellets along with a 3-day grain dimension; 20% Propolis this water – 1 cake three opportunities a time; 30% alcoholic Propolis essence – 20-40 declines three opportunities a time in a mug from dairy or even water. That is recommended to have the natural honey as well as poultry once more by mouth at regular dosages.

Tooth pain:

A helpful anti-toothache representative is Propolis that has an aesthetic, suppressive as well as cultural home, and ceases blood loss. That could be utilized in organic type (flexible as a toothbrush), swayed in a Propolis extraction, or even mouthwash along with a 5% liquid Propolis remove. All the same, the aches pick up approximately 15 mins.

Ophthalmia – ears discomfort:

Eyes discomfort unrelated to the center as well as exterior ear health conditions. Equal quantities of TWENTY% alcoholic extraction from Propolis as well as sunflower or even fish oil are blended. After enthusiastic drinking from the blend, 3-4 reduces are positioned in the compromised ear, some opportunities at a time. A sterilized cloth dropped down in the mix could be positioned in the exterior ear channel. The procedure lasts up until discomfort visits (5-10 times) as well as may be preceded or even repetitive.

Opening up the injury to skin layer diabetics:

That Is a layer of a lengthy hearing on the very same role. Extra positive steps – beginning and also rubbing. Propolis through sprays, therapeutic body fats, or even TWENTY% alcoholic extraction from Propolis is put on the broken website.

Irritation from the tonsils (tonsillitis):

That is actually due to germs. Inclining seconds are cold weather as well as opportunity improvements. The bottle from one of the most intense central contaminations very closely about rheumatism, kidney, cardio, lung, and also various other conditions. That could be without indicators or even along with painful neck, distressing breathing spell, completely dry coughing,

Ailments from the occipital dental caries brought on by infections as well as germs. Signs: lightheadedness is coming from the nostrils as well as rinsed nostrils, frustration, tiredness, smallness, shortage from cravings. Natural honey is utilized for natural honey as well as Propolis. Natural honey resides in the kind from 20-30% service for spray or even ultrasound examination breathings, in addition to nasal tooth cavity electrophoresis. Daily spray breathing is carried out as well as at regional night treatment from natural honey to noesis administered. Therapy lasts 15-20 times. All at once, that is had by mouth throughout syringe and also spoon for 3 hrs. The clinical impact is accomplished in over 95% of situations. Excellent restorative impact additionally causes prophylactic therapy with breathing, as well as tampons plunged in 5-10% water-alcohol remove from Propolis combined with fish oil in a proportion from 1: 3 at night just before bedtime. Therapies final 15-20 times.


Center Ear Otitis:

Irritation from cold waters along with inflamed and also inflamed signs: discomfort, ache, hassle, decreased hearing. After cleaning the ear off the pumice, right into the acoustic network up until basic has presented the case is soaked in TWENTY% alcoholic Propolis remove. The operation is executed daily as well as the therapy lasts 10-15 times. That functions effectively in 95% of scenarios.

Otomycosis – fungus irritation from the acoustic stations:

Disease triggered by fungi. The ruined ear is covered along with alcoholic Propolis extraction. This is better to place in the ear canal poured into the essence and also substitute this the following time. Therapy lasts 4-5 times as well as the outcome is great. The mouth ceases the very first time.

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