Self-confidence-the foundation of mental health

Advice About Self-confidence

Self-confidence is a good feeling for yourself and your abilities. When we are confident and believe in ourselves and our abilities when we are aware that we are valuable and valuable and able to deal with challenges throughout our lives. Self-confidence is an inner sense of determination when we know who we are and what we can offer to the world.

Self-confidence is the belief in oneself, its quality, and abilities. It significantly determines the quality of our lives, success at work, friendship, and family relationships.

Every day we face challenges where our confidence is of great importance. Self-confidence does not happen overnight, it is necessary to build and build it so that it is stable and unshakable. We can achieve a lot if we learn to manage ourselves and our minds.

Self-confidence is the mental strength of an individual on the road to success. It is a knowledge that in my life most of this depends on me, from my work, knowledge, perseverance, character.

Everyone has a need to be successful, to blame others, and to feel worthy. High self-confidence gives energy and motivates.

Low self-confidence has a number of negative consequences:

  • bad emotions: shyness, frustration, insecurity, fearfulness
  • such emotions lead to withdrawal from other people, which leads to loneliness, to problems in relationships with other people, in friendly and intimate relationships
  • there is a constant sense of failure … the feeling of dissatisfaction increases the likelihood of developing depression – and increase in negative feelings can lead to addictive behaviors (addiction to alcohol, drugs …), and ultimately to self-destructive behavior

If we lack self-esteem, we do not have a chance to leave the impression someone else wants to meet and who they might believe. Creating a good image of yourself is the first part of the work we have to do on our path to success and happiness.


I love myself

In order to be content with life and to make our lives fruitful, we must first learn to truly love ourselves. There are too many people who do not like themselves. They are not satisfied with their appearance, their character, their abilities, and in many other aspects of their lives.

People with high self-esteem focus their attention on their positive qualities, while those with low self-esteem more and more turn their attention to their bad qualities.

It’s good to be self-confident, believing in yourself that you can be loved and able. I am loved and capable. All you think, say or do, will make you more capable and more important or less / more loved and meaningful.

To love yourself does not mean being completely self-centered. To love yourself is the basis on which we will build our approach to relationships with all the people we encounter in our lives. Love for oneself enables us to love others.


Building confidence

The foundations of self-confidence are created from the earliest childhood. Throughout our lives, we maintain a picture of ourselves that we most likely created during childhood. At that time, the most reliable sources of assessment were our parents themselves.

Parental procedures that lead to healthy self-confidence:

  • devoting care and love, listening to the child
  • respecting the needs and possibilities of a child
  • consistent educational procedures with the setting of reasonable limits and expectations
  • showing faith in the child’s abilities, support in their experiments
  • rewarding, praising, encouraging, encouraging


Parental procedures that lead to low self-esteem

  • constant criticism, humiliation, ridicule
  • if the child is constantly changing, or physically punished,
  • if the child is ignored, if he is ignored,
  • the absence of boundaries in upbringing a relaxing educational style
  • Waiting for a child to be perfect at every opportunity

Self-esteem can be defined and how to feel good in your skin. People who are full of self-esteem believe they have more chances of success than failure in most of the things they do. They are aware that other people respect them. People with strong self-esteem can accept unfavorable events by not allowing them to absorb or weaken them.


A positive attitude

Most of us, even most of those seemingly successful, carry a mental packet full of negative messages about ourselves. That is why attitude is important in every aspect of ourselves. A positive attitude toward others will greatly help us to enhance the image of ourselves that we are sending.

In a world of ever-increasing risks and uncertainties, such as today’s global world – self-confidence is one of the platforms for success. Everything is associated with risk and uncertainty.

Self-confidence and ability to fight in life. It is the essence of pregnancy. We can not do the best we can do while we carry vengeful or even hostile thoughts toward others. Our abilities are expressed in the best light only when they work in perfect harmony. There must be goodwill in the heart so that we can do well.

Faith in yourself means that you are sure that you can do whatever you want, regardless of what others around you believe you can not do. You need to focus more on yourself and your abilities, and less on what others think and believe. That is why it is very important to have a loving attitude, a sense of goodwill towards others leads to a peaceful and stable life.

We can not hide hatred, anger, jealousy, and vengeful feelings without seriously endangering our own reputation. Therefore, if we cultivate kind, useful thoughts full of love and compassion, if we feel friendly towards everyone and do not wear bitterness, hatred, or jealousy in our hearts, we will create an attractive, happy, and brilliant image.

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