Facts About Smoking

Tobacco is almost in all countries of the world legally accepted. It is a poison that people consciously entered into her body.

Underactive smoking is meant consuming tobacco in any form. That includes smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and chewing tobacco. The main ingredient is tobacco (Nicotiana). It is a herbaceous plant of the family Solanaceae. There are more than 60 types of tobacco.

The country from which encourages tobacco is considered North America. In the year 1492 when Columbus set foot on the soil of North America, see how Indians are blowing through the various pipes and enjoy it. It was strange for them because they thought that smoking was a characteristic of the devil.

A little later, in the 16th century were brought by sailors in Europe. Then in Europe spreads under the name tobacco (from the island of Tobago). And Spain has begun a series of expansions into other European countries.


Opinions About Tobacco

When we talk about the history of tobacco, we can say that smoking has existed for five centuries. Within this period, thinking about smoking and tobacco, was very different. Opinions were very different. There are opinions about the harmfulness and usefulness. By that history is divided into two periods.

The first period lasted more than four centuries. Based on good and bad experiences and smokers and non-smokers. But no one had demonstrated the use and abuse of smoking. Each thought that tobacco has healing properties, while others thought that tobacco was fatal consequences.

Tobacco is one time used for medical purposes. After 1812, the British military doctors carried with them reconciliation to apply smoke for medical purposes. Former medicine, tobacco has been used in various ways. And all that for the better and faster healing.


Smoking in the modern world

And everything was the way it was, until the beginning of twenty centuries. Most uses of tobacco had when people want to relax and enjoy something. And no one knew of its harmful effect on human health. Smoking today is considered one of the major risk factors for health. Tobacco is the second major cause of death in the world.

The world today is facing many complex issues associated with smoking. Smoking raises some social issues. If smoking is a disease, society is not understood as a disease. But like smoking, causes psychological and physical dependence.

It is common knowledge that smoking causes various diseases. The main risk factor for the occurrence of lung cancer. Other diseases caused by smoking are vascular diseases, cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Therefore, it considers that half of the total world population smokes is seriously injured, or is killed by tobacco. But there is another factor that says that hundreds of thousands of people who have never smoked die from diseases caused by breathing smoke from the environment.



The reason why it begins to smoke, with every smoker is different. Usually starts at an early age. In the adolescent years. Starting because of peer pressure, the term rebelliousness toward authority, the desire to make them look older and much more.

But the fact that they all experienced the same feeling. All had coughing, shortness of breath, dizziness, and discomfort. Despite all these discomforts, the greater part of them continued to smoke. Not counting that in later years, expensive to pay the price of smoking.

But why do the greater part of them extend to smoking? There are reasons that we observe.

HABIT– This is a phenomenon that occurs after many years of smoking. In smokers, creates and strengthens the neural-muscular habit of reaching for a cigarette. To be embedded in the subconscious of man. So out of habit to take the addiction.

ADDICTION– the biggest ego is ego one smoker. So when are told that are addicted to smoking, do not accept that fact. Dependence is created over the course of time. As long as the smoker is smoking, so the level of nicotine in the blood decreases, and the need for a cigarette increases.

STRESS-more smokers, reason why smoke finds it for relaxation. Knowing that cigarettes are released, they are blowing in different stressful situations. But smoking only alleviates the symptoms but not the causes of a stressful situation.

All these reasons justify by no means smoking. The benefits of smoking cessation are numerous and can be noticed immediately after quitting. So it is better for health, smoking cessation.


How to stop smoking?

How to achieve it? That is a difficult question for each smoker. For the cessation of smoking, there must be a strong will and desire for each smoker. It is the first step to begin rehab. The next step is the psyche of smokers. That is the largest; it can be said, the problem with any smoker. Because people who interrupted to smoke after a while again subject to the guarantor.

For many, the desire for a cigarette occurs years after abstinence. So it is very important not to give up and do not surrender In the struggle with smoking cessation. Once it has been created behavioral patterns in brain cells are never deleted. Every smoker knows that once formed the habit, it is very difficult to give up and forget it.

A very small percentage of smokers do it themselves, without any help. Increasing the percentage of smoking who needs help with quitting. These people are the most important support of their loved ones. Must obtain their support to succeed.

It is important to plan and the time that will be formed as avoid. Because when you cease smoking, created a void that was filled with cigarettes. Then the reflexes and habits change.

Smoking cessation is very important for health. Here are some benefits from it;

  • Normalizes blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature
  • The level of carbon monoxide and oxygen in the blood returns to normal
  • Reduce the risks of getting a heart attack
  • Improves the condition of nerve endings, the senses of smell and taste
  • There is a relaxation of the bronchi, facilitating breathing and increase lung capacity
  • Improves blood circulation and lung function facilitates walking

For each smoker, psychic and physical dependence is the biggest problem. Because cigarette becomes part of life. And when you decide to quit smoking, felt like I lost a good friend, as it makes a great sacrifice. It is painful and difficult. But not impossible.

Every year around the world, a large number of people decide to give up smoking. And succeed in it. Therefore, anyone can stop smoking.


The Charter Against Tobacco

  • Clean air, released smoke cigarettes, a basic component of the right to a healthy and clean environment
  • Every child and adolescent has the right to be protected from all propagation of tobacco and acquire all
  • The necessary training and other assistance to resist the use of tobacco in any shape
  • Every citizen has the right to air free of smoke from smoking in enclosed public places and means of transportation
  • The employee has the right to breathe clean air in the workplace
  • A smoker has the right to receive support to quit smoking
  • The citizen has the right to be informed of the high risk of smoking tobacco

That is because the Charter Smoking Tobacco largest cause of disease around the world that can be prevented. Therefore, must take measures to prevent further spreading, this bad habit, and disease.


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