How Thought Makes A Human

“I think, therefore I exist”-means that humans would not be what it is without the possibility of thinking. Thinking and the way of creation of thinking make humans the most intelligent creature on earth.

A human being has been created as the most perfect and colorful dimension. Its functions are very intelligent. These are physical, handicap, sentient, social, and spiritual, which merge into a perfect whole. Every person, has feelings and thoughts, collected experiences, and conclusions.

So thoughtful and emotional side of man, make it to be a complete personality. Every person is aware of their thoughts due to the physical part of the brain cells. One person becomes overthink unconsciously repressed memory, from the day of birth. And every personality through your mind changes its character. The balance is closely related to the thoughts that nourish the mind of every man.

In the mind of man, things are inhabited by what we see, hear, read, and experience which we feed our mind, these will be our thoughts. So it is very important that we feed our mind with various social life and social relations, with various literature. Just so we can shape the mental life and way of thinking.

So formed and positive attitudes and feelings like kindness, happiness, confidence, and calmness. Closely associated with good health. Or arise and fears, discouragement, grief, hatred, and the like, which is associated with the occurrence of various diseases.

With thoughts of our mind, we can connect and spiritual state. It is a major cause of health and physical appearance. Anyone who is spiritually unstable or has a problem translates into his psyche and spirit. Modern meičina found the drugs in a variety of diseases, but no cure for aching soul and spirit.

Negative thoughts cause various diseases such as blood pressure, diseases associated with the digestive organs, and even outward appearance. Sadness, depression, tension, pessimism are the main causes of ill health. Stored in the cells of the immune system, the negative development of health. A therefore optimistic attitude, calmness, and positive emotions strengthen the immune system and act on our body as a remedy.

Therefore, consider the connection between the disease and the formation of human thought.




In today’s modern way of life, depression, sadness, stress, tension, jealousy, unwillingness, is the number one disease associated with the human psyche. The main factor in the appearance of all these mental illnesses is overloaded mental, emotional and spiritual in nature.

Closely linked with psychosomatic diseases are having many. To mention a few; allergies, asthma, arthritis, high blood pressure, insomnia, impotence, and a lot of them. Hence we can see that a greater percentage of diseases is associated with thoughts of the mind.

We have already said that depression and sadness have a negative reflection on the immune system and health. And all other variables mentioned psychologically. Pessimism reduces the effectiveness of the human immune system. Hopelessness, hatred and resentment rise to heart attacks, raises blood pressure and are the main factor of arteriosclerosis.

With all we have mentioned, we can conclude that what will be our thoughts like that will keep us and our general state of health.

And all these diseases are the cause of our way of life. All struggle and strive for something better and more. Their energy spends to avoid a variety of disasters and problems. Without thinking that to get to something, that will not be useful and good for health. And all of them lost in a closed circuit of constant pressure on the rapids of stress.



All the problems associated with the mental state are associated with stress. Stress is a psychological phenomenon that each person has. But the question is how much can be controlled. This is achieved when we analyze their situation and consider their problems. Only this can be achieved by solving problems associated with stress.

Stress is an unspecific psychophysical reaction to different pressures. Encourage stress reaction may be all that tilts the balance and peace of mind. But stress is not only negative for health. Stress can also cause positive reactions, man. Easing the stress we face a variety of problems and situations. Under positive shook means jitters.

Everyone in his life experienced stage fright in different situations. And faced with her to the end of the corrective actions.

But basically, all know that stress is a negative phenomenon. Phenomena such as illness, accidents, and death encourage negative stress. Arises because of strife, injustice, fear, and a sense of futility and hopelessness. Sometimes causes anxiety lies deep within us. In the form of jealousy, hatred, anxiety, feelings of guilt, self-centeredness.

And all we said was stress. When a stressful situation arises, the human organism is formed a rights storm. Then is happen large chemical reaction. Then in the blood secrete hormones of the adrenal gland are adrenaline and cortisol. Blood pressure rises, the heart rate, breathing speeds up, spread the pupil, his mouth dry. Besides this, it increases the amount of fat and sugar in the blood, muscles become tense, accelerates the process of blood clotting. These are all reactions that occur in our bodies without our knowledge and control.

Stress as the term implies the relationship between the human body and the environment that surrounds it. Stress intensity determines each person with personal attitudes and views of the world. This means that we have to practice controlling our stress. So we can build strength, security, peace, and faith. And thus strengthen your spirit.




We can say that the spirit of man is closely linked with the thought that we cherish. Therefore, can be achieved by the development of human spirituality. So it is essential for the balanced development of a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life.

Building their own spirituality helps them in various life situations. Good or bad, happy or tragic, the human spirit must be prepared to withstand it all.

Studies have shown that people who cultivate spirituality have fewer problems with depression and anxiety. Spiritual people are more optimistic in all situations. Spirituality is mainly achieved through a variety of religions. This is a method that has a calming effect and develops the potential of human reason. Religion can be a lot to do for the spirit of man and to bring positive thoughts. A positive spirit means good health. So the thoughts are an important factor in the human spirit.

So it is very important to cultivate good habits associated with spirituality and ways of thinking. All good and positive thoughts will lead us to something good. And are very important for human health. Positive thoughts make good health. So do not let it rule your negative thoughts and bad health.

All problems are solvable. Everything is in our hands and in our minds.

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