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We all know that the human body is composed of water. Water forms 55-90% of the human body. During human life, water in the body is changing. When people are born then the water level in the body is the highest percentage. Comparatively, an old man has double less water in the body of a baby. Because as people born during, the life of, the water level in the body decreases. That is so because water is carried out all chemical reactions in the human body.

The human body each hour, each day loses a certain amount of water. It is various causes for this. It all depends on the weather occasions. How we are physically active and much more.

Therefore, the loss of water each day is compensated for a certain amount.  Through urination, every person spends about 1 liter to 1.5 liters. In the speech, when we breathe to is spend about 0.5 liters of water. When we sweat can lose large amounts of water. It may be up to 10 liters in extreme heat. But on average lost about 0.4 liters of water. With this explanation we see, every day man spends about 2 to 2.5 liters of water.

Therefore, it is recommended that the daily intake of water in the body is 1.5 liter. Because the daily water loss also increased, and we are not aware of it, listing the amount of water should be at least equal to the loss. The minimum that we have mentioned, is recommended in circumstances where we do not have great physical activity.


We can say that the role of a very large bit in the human body. Without it is impossible to place a lot of important vital functions. If there would be no water, would not exist with wildlife. Using it and the world exists.

But let’s see why it is so essential and important for the human body;

  • Using water transfers nutrients to all the cells.
  • With its help, throw all waste materials.
  • Meets the cellular and intracellular space
  • Helps create macromolecules
  • Participate in chemical reactions in the body
  • It serves as a solvent of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids
  • During digestion dissolves nutrients
  • Allows communication between cells
  • It helps in regulating body temperature
  • Helps fertilize the egg cell sperm
  • A pregnant woman occupies the entire space around the bed of baby
  • Serves as amortized for eye tissue and around the vertebrae

Is used for the transfer of nutrients, hormones, waste products, and oxygen in the blood, and a lot of functions that without water could not be imagined to be made.


As we have already mentioned, the water we need to catch up by entering plain water or through food. Compensating water is best over the direct input of plain water, because the body, then recognizes that it is water.

When we talk about food and feeding the body, then we must say that the body is all the food that requires digestion and secretion of digestive juices. Because everything is ingested, it must first exceed a certain time to get the nutrients to all the cells. Welding is a very complex process, depending on what is entered in the body, different takes.

Using welding, the body processes, substances introduced into the digestive system. So to give the necessary energy to work.

We can say that everything we recognize is a liquid that is not for our bodies. If you enter a liquid that contains an executive of sugar, then the digestive organs recognize that food and activate the entire digestive system. The same case is with milk. When we drunk milk, then our digestive organs recognize it as food for protein, fat, and sugar. Then starts the secretion of digestive juices and the digestive process.

Let’s say what food contains water. To the following foods;

Fruit that has a mild diuretic effect, so encourage the discharge of harmful substances from the body

  • Vegetables
  • Milk
  • Sups

Speaking of the digestive system must say that in the course of digestion, the average is excreted eight liters of water in the form of various digestive juices. It means that when we consume foods stimulates the secretion of even larger amounts of digestive juices.

But some drinks have a diuretic effect. That means that causes a loss of water, not compensation. Those are coffee, teas, alcoholic beverages.

Opposite to this, various industrial drinks and juices, consisting of sugar and have a large number of calories. They are a major factor in the occurrence of weight gain and obesity. Therefore, they must be avoided.



We all know that the main element of which is composed of the human body is water. Located in the two main parts. It is cells and extracellular fluid. The extracellular is divided into intracellular fluid and blood plasma. In ion cells other than water, there are a variety of minerals. The most significant mineral is salt whose function is to hold the water in the body. And therefore there is a link between salt and thirst. The increased amount of sodium in the body causes thirst in humans. Why do we drink so much water after something that we entered with some more salt or sugar.

But when we mention sugar, that means we explain something else. There is one fact that when we are thirsty and do not drink the water, and instead, we take a liquid full of salt or sugar, we created a vicious circle. It means that the kidneys have to work a lot harder to keep water in the body and balance.

And only then can we realize that the lack of water in our body through urine. When urine is dark in color and intensity, then there is a lack of water in the body. And when the color is not bright and intense, then everything is all right with fluids in the body. So that, through the urine we can discover whether there is a lack of water in our body.



State of the body that lacks water we called dehydration. There is mild, moderate, and severe dehydration. It all depends on the condition of the body in which the organism.

The most sensitive organ to dehydration is the brain. They informed us in different ways when the body is dehydrated. For various degrees of sending various alerts.

In the form of increased irritability or drowsiness, headache, dry mouth, and tongue, the brain appears to us that this was moderate dehydration. And when appear dark circles, sore eyes, tapering facial expressions, impaired consciousness, dizziness, lethargy, etc. then the thesis of dehydration.

These are symptoms that, could anyone detects them, to facilitate themselves the opportunity to protect your health.

There are several groups of people who are more sensitive than others to dehydration. Because they cannot express their sense of thirst as the most vulnerable are babies and children. In a similar situation and are older and Fixed people. Then the employees who work in special conditions, athletes, and people who live in conditions where the temperature is high.

For all these people, the water should be available at all times to be able to compensate the water for their bodies.



Dehydration, by itself, may not be a cause for serious consequence welcomes. But we must know that we have to be responsible for this phenomenon for our health.

The principal symptom of dehydration, such as a feeling of weakness, malaise, and fatigue, it is the cause by the lack of water in the body. That is because the overall amount of water that half of the strongest is in the muscle man body.

To say that the kidneys are the most important for the regulation of body fluids. Without they cannot take place normal regulation of body fluids. As vital organs, essential that both two in progress.

Through their daily circulate a large amount of blood – even 1,800 liters. Their basic function is to filter the blood. Separate the harmful fluids from the body, that through urine discharged to the outside.

So the kidneys are working in extreme conditions for them when you become dehydrated. So we need to consume a sufficient amount of water on a daily basis.

But drinking water not only helps the kidneys. It reduces the risk of colon delivery hose. That is due to the positive impact of water on intestinal peristalsis. Also helps with people that have constipation. Constipation is a problem for most people who work in a sitting position, with drinking water can regulate this problem.

Water helps with all cardiovascular diseases. Water does not allow its blood clotting. Helps with people who have problems with obesity. Water intake in the body fools the stomach and thus reduces the intake of calories. Thus sightseeing in need of water, we see that there is no organ or part of the human body that there is no need for water. With a loss, dehydration may cause various disorders and diseases. Must, therefore, be taken dehydration seriously in the human body.


Has a lot of meaning and through life as a basic element of life. Without it, we would not be able to maintain personal hygiene. Thus we can and to endanger public health. This means that an important factor for the whole animal system on the planet.

Today’s way of life, which is so dynamic and requires great sacrifices, does not provide sufficient opportunity for water needs. Water should be the average for all human beings because scientists say that eight glasses. But to get them to meet these needs for water, we have to make a schedule for entry. The best would be the first glasses of water to drink after the awakening in the morning. So we can do our best for awakening the body in the morning. After that, get yourself a bottle of water, and by noon, drink at least a pint of water. So will meet the basic needs for water in the first half of the day. Afternoon, drink another bottle of water half-liter and till the evening, another. So will satisfy the daily amount of water, our body.

And everything we’ve said about the need to water our body, Do not forget, because water is the basis for every good health.

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