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We all know that there is no greater treasure of their own health. In order to ask; what it means to the health of each of us? How much we value and what would you do to keep it?

Most people do not pay attention to it to possess the greatest treasure. Because everyone in any hurry and fight for a better life. But no one was aware that everyone, in the end, pays the price of his health.

Material well-being, social status, reputation, career, power, and glory. All those things are irrelevant when it comes to health.

Let’s imagine a situation, like this. You are jugglers and you have 5 balls in hand. Each one represents something in your life-family, health, business, friends, spiritual life. As you are more experienced you see that ball that represents business and caries becomes rubbery. This means that you fall it will not bounce and return to your seat. But others are not such. They are becoming hiding and can break at any moment. That the fall, she will break or perhaps change her looks.

Then let’s ask ourselves a bit and imagine what we all give life. What we have and what we ask about your life. Although we are all full of health and strength, the reality is quite different. Everywhere around, we see countless diseases, pain, suffering, and sorrow. So everyone asks whose fault is it, why is all this happening?



If a man does not have a disease and some disability that does not mean that he is completely healthy. Because it is logical that it is a healthy one that is able to perform all their normal tasks and functions. Even people who have a chronic disease or suffer from something, the disease can enjoy the feeling of well-being of his life.

Health is not a static value. It is dynamic and always can progress better. This means that the entire state is supposed to be a more energetic, happier, and more peaceful life. Better when we discuss the definition of health takes into account the man as a whole being. State of complete physical, spiritual, mental, and social well-being. This definition is accepted by all and adhere to as a guide.

In other words, complete well-being is the result of a balanced life in which he served our physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Because every human being is the most important physical strength and health. But let’s not forget that this is one of the spiritual and psychological conditions of each individual.



Now let’s see a few things from another point of view. Has anybody ever thought about what goes on inside our bodies? All functions that are happening to our bodies every morning ready and fresh that would do all of our needs?

If we think the handles average man then the answer would be negative. Because the habits of each individual are essential that all must function as they should be, in us.

But if you delve a bit more and consider, we realize that all these functions in our body are very important for our health.

If we see that it is composed human body to function, maybe and understand that just as the body possesses an internal intelligence. When we see how it works and how it set the whole blood and all blood vessels, we will see that it is better positioned than most water composition sat-down world. And all this system is directly connected to and controlled from one place, it is the brain. By the brain to perform all the functions of all the organs and cells. Much more as incomprehensible as the entire system of cells, tissues, and organs, we can say that the human body is perfection.

Because of all this we said, we must know that we have the greatest treasure that we must carefully to keep-it is healthy. Every human being has to create healthy habits and use them for better health.



No one is thinking about their health until it happens to get sick. Then asks a faster way for healing the mind of chemical products. This is because all believe that medicine advanced and that is the solution to the problems. This brings us to a fact that our health is the most responsible doctor. Because they think that when they get sick at that point all responsibility for the formation bears a doctor.

But perhaps this is so partly because we leaflets doctor gives us instructions on how to do that. But the greatest responsibility lies with us. Because health is not something you can buy at a time when we needed it to be. It must nurture and invest for years.

Nobody thinks that prevention can prevent the development and emergence of various diseases using simple principles of a healthy lifestyle. If everyone thinks more about prevention and providing greater significance of lifestyle, no doubt would Improved health.

The right to health can be expected in the case when the body provides everything it needs for proper functioning. Because we, as the biggest responsibility for our health, must know that the most common health problems are a result of lifestyle.

In the course of our life, the most important thing is to analyze and change our habits. Just so we know where we’re wrong and what needs to change.

Health in essence is our personal choice and depends on our own decisions. Although we cannot choose genes and manage them, we can choose how we will live and whether we will be fighting for our own health.

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