What air can we breathe

Only “spilled” air is clear

The way of life is doing in itself that we have to spend more time indoors. Sometimes more people are gathering in those rooms, which means more dirty breaths for breathing. These rooms order the office to concentrate on a higher amount of dirty air for inhaling from the one on the street.

The air is the breath of life. We are totally dependent on it because it brings us oxygen that is needed for the proper functioning of power plants in our cells. These plants, called mitochondria, are the basis of all the activities that are taking place in our organism.

People think that when they clean the apartment or house, they automatically clean the air. If you live in the city, then you must think that the dirty air is somewhere out there, but you are cheating. The truth is that the dirty air is in the offices and the homes.

Air in indoor spaces where people live is more often polluted than outdoor air, even in the case of large industrial cities. That is a fact that people spend more time indoors. Clean air is especially important for children because they inhale a higher amount of air compared to their body weight than adults, so they are more exposed to the risk of accumulating larger concentrations of pollutants in the body.

Most often, a nice scent connects with “clean.” It connects to the synthetic resin of washing agents, various clothing dressers, and various other cleaning agents. But no one thinks that all of you are in the air sore harmful chemicals that convert the air into a dangerous inhalation zone.

Air in the home can be polluted and through the input of various furniture. For the production of furniture, various chemicals that are harmful to the breath of air are used. The same can be contaminated with paint for walls.

Formaldehyde is, for example, evaporated from some wood products, and other chemicals evaporate from carpets, copiers, upholstery fabrics, cleaning agents, and freshly etched laundry. Carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide are poisonous gases and can occur in gas furnaces as well as in heating oil heaters, petroleum, and coal, as well as in fireplaces and gas installations.

We have to point out here that it is very important that the big air pollutants are air fresheners themselves. It is shown that these fresheners emit airborne evaporators and organic compounds, of which 7 are potential air pollutants.


How do these pollutants affect people?

Symptoms range from burning in the eyes, sore throat, coughing, and itching to headache, throbbing, nausea, dizziness, feeling of exhaustion, and depression. A set of these symptoms is sometimes called “syndrome of a sick building.”

Special attention should be given to people who are allergic because indoor facilities are a source of irritating ingredients in the air that produce allergies. People with asthma are endangered by them as endangered. Children are more at risk because they inhale rapidly from adults and often play on the floor.

Here are some tips:

Set up the cooling and heating devices by inserting 20 to 35% (or more) of fresh air. The cost of such work will be slightly higher, but the cost of health is much higher! Spread the house at least once a day. On a foggy day, ventilate the house at night or early in the morning. Most often, the concentration of particles can be slightly lower after sunset. Sleep at the end of the open window and wake up awake.

When we talk about polluted air indoors, especially in flats, German studies conducted a survey in which they proved that as many as 3000 apartments in 50% of them discovered polluted air for breathing. The room is most often contaminated by bringing in the dishonesty we bring with us from outside. Then from pets.

We are greatly mistaken if we think that with air ventilation or with ordinary cleaning we can flush the air in the apartment. For example, let’s mention that the jumper is one of the largest air pollutants because the concentration of damaging particles that drops out at work is at a very large level.


A great source of harmful substances is dropped from the mattresses and eyelashes on which we sleep. Like every good host when you put up your bed with freshly washed and clean linens to make it all clear. The mattress hides the naturally occurring dust that is dead and alive parasites that hide deep in it. All this is the source of various infections and most of all on asthma and allergies.

The human body was created to function with oxygen. Try to exercise, well ventilate the house, and often stop slowly breathing fresh air.

Therefore, we can freely say that it is outer air. But why is that so? Because there is no better filter for scavenging by nature itself. Therefore, it is best to air the rooms in which we live and work to procure. This is done with special systems for Soaking and cleaning the air. It is in this way that harmful substances are connected with water. So we will be able to inhale clean air as well as in nature.

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