What is hidden in what we bring?

Toxins are hidden in vitamins, supplements, and healthy foods

Thanks to advertisements and marketing, people think that artificial vitamins and supplements are healthy for us. We can see various commercials all over the world, where pharmaceutical companies offer various vitamin products. People also state that buy and use these products without thinking whether it is healthy. These products represent something that is the best and most promising versus natural products.

Those who use artificial products need to know that these products can cause death. Vitamins and supplements are full of toxins for a man who did not know.

Using various scams, pharmaceutical companies fail to sell myriad products full of toxins. Everyone wants to be healthy, at the same time using products that will help them for that. But no one thinks that natural products are healthier than artificial vitamins and supplements.

Now we’ll specify major toxins that are part of these products;

  • Maltodextrin (from GMO corn);

It is a product that comes from Monsanto GMO corn. Practically, all maltodextrin is used in natural products of GMOs. So it has to be known that you have to read what you wrote about the product itself, whether it contains or not.

Natural GMO-free substitute for GMO maltodextrin is maltodextrin from

Tapioca, tapioca starch/maltodextrin is an integral part of many GMO-free Products.

Corn maltodextrin should be avoided unless it is certified

By USDA as organic.

  • Vitamin C / ascorbic acid (from GMO corn)

All vitamin C in America comes from GMO corn. Typically, it is called ascorbic acid. The only alternative is to buy vitamin C from the fruit,  Acerola, or get pure sodium ascorbate. So think carefully about what will produce you take.

  • Hexane extracted rice and soy protein

Almost all soy or rice proteins were extracted in China using hexane extraction. This implies that all other health products are used as well. This method is also used for the production of textured plant proteins (soybeans, gluten). They are marketed in the form of granules, pieces, and cubes. Are used as a substitute for meat in a vegetarian diet or in the meat industry.

  • High levels of aluminum in detoxifying products

Some detoxification products found a large amount of aluminum and other metals. Digesting addition, with the aim of detoxification may be more harmful than good. It is enough to know that all kinds of metal are highly toxic to humans. Therefore, all the products containing the same.


  • Lead and arsenic in herbs from China

China is the most polluted country on the planet (for now). However, fruits and vegetables are grown there and imported into other countries. A high level of lead and arsenic was found in these products. They are in large quantities and they are poisonous to use. So you have to be careful what you buy and eat.

  • Inorganic minerals in cheap vitamins

Most people do not know that most of the cheap vitamins are produced with iron scrap. Calcium in cheap vitamins often comes from minced shells and cheap magnesium Magnesium oxide is often worthless. So you need to know that the right forms are, for example, magnesium orotate or mallet.

When we talk about mineral supplements, it is often possible to find traces of barium or lead in liquid supplements, but in small amounts.

Therefore a better choice of natural herbs and fruits. So you will know with certainty that you are taking the right product.


  • Carrageenan

They are the main factors of gastrointestinal inflammation and high levels of colon cancer. All suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colon, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarrhea, etc. By consuming this toxin they got these problems.

  • Acrylamide

These are carcinogenic chemicals obtained by cooking carbohydrates. This means that it is not some chemical, but a side effect of any process. Frozen chips contain acrylamide, for example. Therefore, their packaging is not mentioned, because they are not the ingredient. They are a by-product of roasting or cooking. Why should the chips, eat very little or almost fever.

Interestingly, vitamin C blocks the damage of acrylamide. Therefore, it is recommended that after taking the chip To take vitamin C but as natural citrus juices.


  • Hidden MSG / yeast extract

His real name is monosodium glutamate. Can be found in any vegetarian burger. But also in other products that have yeast as their ingredient on their labels. That’s why you need to know that if he writes that he is vegetarian, he is healthy. Hidden MSG is also referred to as “autolyzed yeast extract”, “yeast sorrel”

Or even “hydrolyzed vegetable protein”.

  • Fluoride in green tea

Green tea is recommended because it contains high levels of fluoride. Its actions are on lowering bad cholesterol, preventing cancer and neurological disorders. Its main ingredient is fluoride, which comes from the country where it grows. It can also be disastrous if it is added to ordinary water as an additional supplement.

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