Advice About Allergies

It is a Greek word meaning abnormal reaction. This means that the body responds abnormally to various things. The main cause of allergies is the decline of the immune system.

The immune system is a defensive system that has a body that would protect our health. The function is to recognize foreign substances in the body. And our protection against a variety of diseases. Therefore, we not constantly sick.

The function of immunity is very important for our overall health. Fighting constantly, sometimes it comes in contact with a harmless thing that leads to allergies. When in various ways, such as contact, inhalation, or food, comes into contact with allergens, there are certain reactions in the body.

Then will create various difficulties in the organism. Depending on how strong the response of the immune system is, it will be a different intensity of symptoms. Can be made of light weights to the development of a life-threatening condition (anaphylactic shock).

At the same time, the immune system produces a lot of histamines. The secretion of histamine increases blood flow. Then appear swollen (congestion). Thereby, the white blood cells begin to produce allergic antibody IgE (immunoglobulin). Using immunoglobulin, increased capillary permeability. Then watery fluid from the blood leak and begins a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, nasal congestion.

Incurring allergies, are important two factors; are hereditary tendencies and the impact on the environment. Hereditary factors appear if one of the previous generations already had an allergy. How it will develop over a lifetime cannot be known because it is all individual.

And as for the environment, there are many important factors to which in this day and age, we cannot know to appear and how. The only thing that can do that is timely recognition.


The symptoms

Symptoms occur, thus entering allergens in the body. Then they react with antibodies bound to cells (mast cells). So higher amounts of substances stimulate the inflammatory response. This means that there is damage to the surrounding tissue, which manifests classic symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Then the occurrence of the following symptoms;

  • Sneezing,
  • Feeling itchy nose,
  • Eye or the pharynx,
  • Increased secretion from the nose or pharynx,
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose,
  • Impaired sense of smell,
  • A headache,
  • Readiness of the eye,
  • General feeling

Then it is necessary to determine when these symptoms occur. Because, if the symptoms are repeated every year at the same time, then it is the allergy. To identify allergies, always take a subjective description of the symptoms of the patients.


It is necessary to establish what kind of allergy is. The first step in this is an examination by a doctor. The doctor will make a variety of diagnostic procedures to give the right diagnosis. With allergic rhinitis is an important examination of the nasal cavity front rhinoscopy or flexible and micro fiberscopymikrofiberskopijom. Then see if there is a swollen nasal mucous membrane, bluish-gray, with increased, mostly clear, watery secretion. Also, it is necessary to do a detailed review of the ear and eye, skin tone and lungs, to determine the involvement of these bodies.

Also, there are laboratory tests, which have a key role in some cases. Using them can be detected and I specific allergen that causes the reaction in sensitive people. Laboratory tests are defined as very precise and specific immunotherapy for each patient. So the patient can safely avoid this allergy factor.

There are also skin tests. The test is the method that detects a specific allergen. That search is made on the skin and read less redness and swelling. The magnitude of the response depends on the degree of sensitivity. So to obtain accurate results and sets the correct diagnosis.



Allergic diseases have the character of the modern epidemic. That is because it increases the number of people who are allergic to something. According to the World Health Organization to 2020, every second child will be allergic to something. Although they are not a life-threatening illness, significantly impair quality of life.

It is a great range of allergic diseases. Here’s who we include all of the allergic diseases;

  • Allergic respiratory diseases (allergic rhinitis and asthma)
  • Allergic conjunctivitis
  • Allergic skin disorders (atopic eczema, contact dermatitis, urticaria, and angioedema)

Food allergies

  • Allergic diseases of the digestive system
  • Allergic reactions to drugs, vaccines, and the insect bites

Will retain only allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, and dermatitis. But first of all to say that one person can have all three diseases.

Allergic rhinitis is an inflammatory disease of the nasal mucosa. But in many cases, there is, together with asthma. Allergic rhinitis is a risk factor for asthma. The function of the nose is respiratory includes air and prepares to lower inspiratory organs. When passing through the nose, the air is heated, moisturizing, and purifying and thus serves as protection for the lower airways.

In the case of allergic rhinitis, opens the possibility to cool air or conditioned air lead to bronchial hyperreactivity. In this way can lead to the development of asthma.

Asthma is a disease of the respiratory organs. In this disease, the lungs are irritated, leading to difficulty breathing. In this case, the entire muscles around the respiratory shrinks. Then there is swelling and is formed phlegm. So breathing becomes difficult and strenuous.

Asthma occurs in people with a tendency to allergy or atopy. The causes of asthma may be;

  • Allergies to inhaled allergens and nutritional,
  • Chronic inflammation is of the upper respiratory tract,
  • Effort and physical exercise,
  • Cold air,
  • Chemical stimuli,
  • Drugs and mental stimuli.

So that asthmatics should avoid contact with the causative factor of disease, regularly control their lung function, and carry out regular medical checks.

Atopic dermatitis is a disease, disorder of skin protection. That means it does not dry out and defend itself against the penetration of harmful substances. But in this disease, the skin harbor less fat and lose more moisture. This disease is also called neurodermatitis (eczema). More commonly known as blemishes on the skin, which appear periodically. The occurrence of eczema remains for life.

I’ve listed some of the underlying diseases, allergies. But there is an even greater range of diseases that we now provide.


Allergy to pollen

From early spring when they start to blossom, oak, birch, grass until the first autumn cold air is full of pollen. Also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis is the most common form of allergy. An allergic disease of the upper respiratory tract that occurs seasonally.

But how and why occurs this disease? – Pollen is the microscopic particle oval. Without it would not be able to reproduce the plant world. Every year in the spring, when it wakes up the whole plant life, released from trees and grasses. Carried through the air people breathe it and attacks the throat and nose.

So there is an allergic response. The appearance was from the sniffles or seasonal rhinitis. That is because the pollen affects the mucus in the nasal passage. The cells in this tissue began to release histamine. That is a substance that dilates blood vessels in the nose. Both appear swollen mucous membranes and nasal congestion. When it appears like a common cold with symptoms of sneezing, an itchy nose and eyes, tearing, conjunctivitis, and dark circles.

People who are allergic to pollen can be allergic to more plants simultaneously. That is because the symptoms appear differently on anyone.

What should be taken to protect themselves? – The first step is to do the necessary tests to determine the pollen that someone is allergic to. According to the results obtained, the doctor should issue an appropriate therapy. Therapy should take when they appear the first problems and symptoms during pollen season transfer.


Food  Allergies

A food allergy spotted the first was Hippocrates. It noticed that the cause of the milk.

Can occur at any age. The main causes for the occurrence of allergies are the following ingredients;

  • Cow’s milk, eggs, fish, crustaceans and shellfish, soy, nuts, and peanuts
  • Vegetables; beans, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, parsley, celery, onion.
  • Fruits; strawberries, oranges, bananas, kiwi, pineapple, grapefruit, hazelnut.
  • Chocolate, cocoa, and various types of flour.

In some cases, it may be cross-allergy, various foods. The causes of foods that often cause allergies; additives, dyes, and preservatives, which is a larger number of ingredients than daily consumption. They manifest themselves with swelling of the lips, eyelids, palms, fists, with a sense of suffocation. In these patients is recommended to avoid these types of foods to which they are allergic.


Allergies, as a result of insect bites, occur due to poison insect that causes an allergic reaction. After the bite, there are the first problems. The sting itches, very intense and there is swelling. Stronger symptoms are nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, and the feeling of suffocation. After it happens, the sting should use corticosteroid cream, wraps, and antihistamines. But with systemic reactions should apply adrenaline, antihistamines, corticosteroids. And after this, the fastest seek medical help.

There are also cases that can be extremely severe allergic reactions and can lead to anaphylactic shock. In such cases recommended hyposensitization.

What they need to know are allergic to insect stings;

  • After an insect bite, must take the sting
  • Put a cold compress
  • Was standing medication,
  • Avoid staying in the gardens and orchards,
  • When working in the garden wear protective clothing
  • Do not wear clothes of bright colors,
  • The smell of sweat attracts insects
  • Do not use the intense smell – fragrances, sunscreens, and lotions because they attract insects

Allergy to animals

Each animal may cause allergies to animals. The most common cause of this type of allergy is cat hair. But can occur from saliva, the sebaceous glands, as well as in cells of the skin. With cats and other animals that lick, distribute the agents (allergens) on the coat. These allergens are light and floating in the air for hours. These small particles are inhaled and thus causing allergic reactions.

It recommended that people who are allergic avoid keeping the animals at home.

Allergies to house dust (mites)

The dust recognized as an allergen even in 1964. Collecting is the most in carpets. The largest factors in these allergies are dust mites. They are small microscopic animals that live in pillows, carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture. They feed on skin flakes, molds, and a waste of feathers. The temperature of 20-30 ° C and relative humidity of 65-80%, the conditions for their development.

Therefore, it is recommended more frequently monitored and cleaned. Avoid the use of carpets, curtains, pencil boxes with feathers. Also, stuffed animals should be avoided to use. It is necessary to ventilate the room to the living room frequently.

They mites at altitudes above 1000 m / NM due to the low humidity. So it’s good to spend some time on the mountain.


Redness, itching, hives, blisters, and painful nodules on the skin. These are the first symptoms of allergy to sunlight. Are formed through the action of UV light on the skin. And why it appears, there is no accurate statement. A key factor in the occurrence of this allergy is still genetically.

A symptom that we have listed appears a few minutes after exposure to the sun. Withdrawn after a few days without tanning

Some people practice a few days before exposure to the sun, to visit a solarium. They do it to become accustomed to the skin and gradually exposed to UV rays.

But if you still occur allergies must visit a doctor. Then prescribed various antihistamines and corticosteroid creams, which will alleviate and reduce symptoms.



Allergy to medicines

Allergic reactions usually caused by antibiotics and painkillers. The reason why they occur is a drug overdose. In the case of drug reactions, it is necessary to stop taking the drug. Then, prohibit its re-application and consult a doctor.



It is the most severe form of some allergic reactions. They occur within a few seconds to a minute. There may be a manifestation of the deadly symptoms. These are; difficulty breathing, drop in blood pressure, or labor disturbances of vital functions of the organism. Reasons, why they occur, are stings of bees and wasps, living foods, and medicines.

So it is necessary to have to carry an adrenaline syringe. And in such cases immediately give and ask for the help of an emergency.

Prevention of allergies

There are and can be several;

  • Primary-prevents the sensitization of patients and the formation of antibodies
  • Secondary-reduce exposure to certain inhaled allergens and nutritional
  • Tertiary prevention of the onset of symptoms of the disease after the disease manifested.

Each of this prevention is very important, but at the same time needs to know and for which it is an allergy don.



It Is a procedure in which at certain intervals in the skin injected diluted allergens. That is one to two times a week, and the dosage gradually increased. This procedure works are that the patient is accustomed to some allergens. Most often, success occurs in patients with one allergy. Otherwise, mostly practiced by people with an allergy to pollen and cat hair.


It is an incurable disease. When it occurs, it lasts for a lifetime. But various medications and procedures mitigate allergic reactions. The most important thing is to avoid allergies that cause allergic reactions. Next,, it is important to have healthy habits and hygiene. Pay attention to diet and body weight. Recommended as often as possible stay in the mountains above 1,000 m / NM, as there is no pollution nor flowering.

These are some of the basic recommendations that could help in allergic reactions and symptoms. And accelerate the process of recovery and healing.

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