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What Aromatherapy And Essential Oils Can Do For Your

Although we rely heavily on what we see and hear, smells still have an important role in our life. Thanks to the nasal cavity with more than 30 million fragrant cells, which occupy an area of about 5 m2, they have had a great influence on human beings since their memory. The aromatic essences of plants and animals – essential oils, through the centuries, have been used, just as today, for healing, cosmetic and mystical purposes.

And in the psychic sense, the smells of ancient times have a powerful effect on people. They bring us back into the past, invoking in our brain memories of situations, events, and encounters that once happened to us. Moreover, even if we do not know it at all, fragrances determine our mood and attitude toward other people, things and events, and lead us to various actions and actions. The fact that the smell can manage our emotions, relationships with ourselves and others, and activities, has been increasingly used in various aspects of our lives.



Smells affect a person

Unbelievable but true, by breathing in natural essential oil, we can free ourselves from or significantly mitigate negative emotions, sadness, sadness, worry, anxiety, fear, anger, and anger, and encourage positive, joyful, satisfying, fulfilling, and generally good mood. With fragrant essences we can create a relaxed, peaceful, and cooperative atmosphere, encourage creativity and concentration, and processes of thinking, remembering, and learning. Moreover, thanks to essential oils, we can break down stress, resolve burnout syndrome, and significantly contribute to the prevention or treatment of depression, the illness of modern society.

Lately, scientifically proven what people have always known, that is, the scents have a great influence on the body and the psyche of a person. Thus, the smell of lavender lulls us, the smell of lemons awakens, cinnamon makes it creative, the rose calms and vanilla brave.

Aroma lamps – Inhalation of essential oils from fragrant lamps is certainly the most popular and simplest method of application. It can be used to purify the air during infectious diseases, then to remove unpleasant odors, insect repulsion, for a better mood, or simply to create a pleasant atmosphere in the home or workspace. For the scent lamp, it takes 4-10 drops of essential oil or mixture, depending on the intensity of the scent we want and the size of the room.

Inhalations – I can help with colds, flu, sinusitis, high temperatures, and other minor respiratory problems. They contribute to the improvement of memory and a better mood. The essential oil can be poured onto the cushion to facilitate breathing and provide a quiet sleep. Much stronger action on the airway pathway has a water vapor inhalation – 2 to 4 drops of essential oil is added to 500 ml boiling water. The amount depends on the strength of the essential oil. The steam is inhaled for five minutes, but not longer. Do you have asthma, avoid inhalation by water vapor, because concentrated vapors can cause asthma.

Aroma baths – Place four to eight drops of essential oil in an emulsifier such as apple vinegar, honey, or milk and add to a full bath. If you have dry skin, you can mix the essential oil with a few teaspoons of vegetable-based oil, such as almond.

Very hot baths (about 38 ° C) increase the sweat glands, which is good if you have a cold. However, hot baths dry out the skin and, if applied too often, can cause premature aging of the skin. The ideal temperature for a neutral bath is 29 – 34 ° C. Coldwater (18 – 21 ° C) is needed for a refreshing bath. With the addition of stimulating essential oils, for example, wrinkles, rosemary, and eucalyptus, you will improve the performance of the bath.

Aroma massage – Essential oils used for massage must first be diluted in some natural base oil such as olive, almond, sesame, and the like. It is important that they are not refined and that they are cold-pressed. Such oils contain very important ingredients such as vitamin D and E, essential fatty acids, and traces of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Once oxidized, unrefined oil can damage the skin.

Essential oils are diluted so as to obtain a 0.5 to 3 percent dilution, depending on the intensity of the odor and the conditions for which it is applied. Lower concentrations (0.5-1 percent) are applied in face oils or, for people with sensitive skin, including children under 12 years of age and older people. For adults, concentration is usually used up to 2 percent. Prepared mixtures can be stored in a dark and cool place for up to two months.



For every occasion

Activation with essential oils is very easily carried out in your own home too. After choosing the smells that suit you best, according to your own needs, put them on wipes, a scented lamp, or add baths, and then breathe in comfort.

  • bergamot – stimulates the establishment of inner peace and balance, refreshes mentally builds, encourages, acts against depression, exacerbates anger, fear, anxiety, restlessness, and anxiety, stimulates positive emotions and good mood, removes the feeling of loneliness and stress
  • Basil – refreshes, relaxes, works against psychic exhaustion, depression, and burnout syndrome, promotes memory and concentration
  • Eucalyptus – a clear mind, stimulates vigor, works with mental overpowering and wastefulness, stimulates concentration
  • geranium – harmonizes, acts in psychic overload, reduces anxiety, stress, and anxiety, relieves unrest, positively affects depression, encourages inner peace and balance
  • Chamomile – relaxes, suppresses anxiety, restlessness, anger, and anger, calms and reduces mental sensitivity
  • Lavender – sleeps, relaxes, calms reduces worry and anxiety, relieves stress, positively affects depression, and psychically harmonizes
  • Lemon – Raises concentration and memory, dilutes, relieves stress, expands fear, poses positive effects in depression, acts against mental exhaustion and squalor, fosters a sense of happiness and peace
  • mint – revitalizes, refreshes, stimulates good mood and activity, memory, concentration, and libido
  • Grapefruit – relaxes, refreshes, fosters a sense of trust, acts against stress, depression, and feelings of fear, and encourages good mood and peace
  • iris – breaks up psychological blockages and establishes an internal balance
  • Jasmine – stimulates sense and confidence, acts against mental exhaustion, stress, and burnout syndrome removes fear and feeling of insecurity and promotes libido
  • sandalwood – it disrupts anxiety and anxiety, acts against depression, psychological exhaustion, and burnout syndrome, removes sorrow and sadness, deletes the feeling of insecurity and unprotectedness, is effective against stress, and promotes libido
  • Rose – effectively removes nervousness, anger, and anger, reduces anxiety, worry, and anxiety, acts positively in depression and squalor, reduces sorrow and a sense of loneliness, alleviates panic attacks and stress
  • Rosemary – refreshes, breathes, revives, harmonizes, acts against exhaustion and burnout syndrome, encourages memory and concentration
  • vetiver – acts against anger, anxiety, anxiety, and worry, against psychological exhaustion and saturation, relieves fear and feeling of insecurity, is effective in fighting stress
  • ylang-ylang – soothes, relaxes, stimulates libido, removes bad mood, helps with sleeping, reduces anger, stress, and nervousness, and stimulates peacefulness and good mood.

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