Double-edged sword

Basically, when you see the way today’s healthy diet based on whole cereals. This is because knowledge of the grains is very little. And from a nutritional point of view, cereals do not fall into a healthy diet. This is because grains are not human food sources.

Man as such, primarily as a collector and hunter. A little later, when she started an agricultural revolution, then they discovered cereal and found a new way of eating. People are also getting a constant source of calories. I did not have to constantly go hunt and gather. But because they get a small bit of age and years of life.

Anthropology is proven to have occurred, and mortality, infectious diseases, bone disorders. So they began to make out the problems of humanity through food. Because it was all the same, only health is no longer the same. In short, people who ate cereal were no longer as healthy as hunters and gatherers.

But that was just the beginning. After that, there is also another major problem. With the emergence of industrial processing appeared sugar, white flour, and vegetable oils. Began to buy in shops and markets. And then the problem culminated with the announcement that fat and cholesterol are killed.

After that, people started to avoid saturated fats of animal origin and began to take refined vegetable oils and trans fats. Also occurred diabetes, obesity, heart disease, allergies, cancer.

And the question is, is there a problem in the genetics of the man, or is something else is the problem? You would say that the problem is in the way of nutrition. Because the human body to create that eating foods of animal origin and proteins, vegetables and forest fruit.

Why not cereal human food source. But a new way of life is imposed by the grains as a faster way of energy.


From what is made Grains

Basically, grain cereals have in them a greater amount of carbohydrates. This means that overconsumption of cereals in the body consumes starch. And starches cause the production of insulin in the body of a man. Thus begins the vicious cycle of deposition of fat in the body and fattening up.

Cereals in themselves have no vitamins. They as much, inhibit the metabolism of vitamins in man. Contain very little calcium. So are full of phosphorus, which is negative for bone growth.

But there are other problems that can occur from eating grains. There is a disorder between omega-3 fats and omega-6. This means that the concentration of omega-3 fats in grains is on a small level while levels of omega-6 fats are strongly high. Knowing that these fats use the same metabolic pathways, there is another competition. And when it comes to dominance in the omega-6 fats can then get to thrombosis, coronary heart diseases, inflammation, autoimmune diseases.

Grains are a bad source of essential acids. This means that their deficiency can lead to loss of muscle mass, weakening the immune system. Therefore cereals bad choice of food.




As the second segment cereals, negative for the human body are antinutrients. That is compounds that interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the body. This is one of the visible defenses that have grains to protect themselves from predators.

But some things can be and used. As a fact, outer shell grain cereals and grain legumes contain phytic acid. Indigestion man may bind with minerals and cannot be utilized by the body. So phytic acid inhibits the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and zinc in the human body.

The lack of iron in the body can occur anemia, increased propensity to infection, reduced mental development in children. With regard to the lack of zinc can impact intrauterine growth retardation, reduced activity in ovaries. And for other miners is the same situation.

We all know how important calcium is for growth. But the shortcomings of it in the food organism are taken from the bones to processed foods. So the bones become porous. These are just some of the traps set by cereal if you take them.

Chief Antinutrients with cereals are listings. Are composed of proteins. And the connection with the molecules comprising carbohydrates. Characterizing that as heat-stable and resistant to degradation in the digestive system. The connection is to cells of the intestinal mucosa which leads to changes in bacterial flora. So there is a disruption of digestion and nutrient absorption things.

Besides this, wheat lectins cause an increase in the pancreas, reducing the thymus, reducing insulin secretion.

There must be mentioned that in various grains, there are various types of gluten. Gluten is a mixture of stored vegetable protein and gluten prolamins. Essentially, these are sticky things.

But as it is, two things cause the same problems. Are known as the main cause of many autoimmune diseases.



Proper was prepared cereals can only eat

Throughout history, people have found that the best way of preparing grain for food is that they are impregnated or fermented. This was done to eliminate Antinutrients from grains. Soaking, dipping allows the enzymes and Lacto-bacteria to break down and neutralize phytic acid. By soaking in warm water, neutralize the enzymes. Also encourages the exploitation of more vitamins and most of those from group B vitamins.

In the past, people knew how to make crops more palatable and useful. Be well aware that when it dives beans in warm water, seeds ” think ” it’s time for growth. So mutilate phytates and publish its young shoots. These sprouts are rich in minerals, vitamins, which one can take advantage of them.

So were the people in the past who exploited the best of grains. But in today’s time when she starred industrial processing, it is more so not working.

And how that is, the human body was not created for that would be fed with grains. While many animals in nature are very skillfully done. So are the main food crops for them.

Why a man would have to process grains to make them want to eat.


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