HEALTH of Modern Man

What Health Modern Man Has To Do

When it comes to their health, people always find a way to ask questions; whether the health destiny or we can do something yourself to change? This issue is directly linked to our everyday lives.  That is because no one wants to ruin your health. We cannot say that health is linked to fate. Can say that health depends on two factors; what we put in our body and on how to treat the body. Because, if you cannot be to change genes, at least we can make a difference in the way we live.

But let’s have a look back through the history of man and the maintenance of his health. One hundred and more years ago, a health problem at the global level was quite different from today. Then the hygiene was at a very low level. The disease has evolved too fast and did not have any medicine for more of them. Because the world population was poor and people could not afford treatment. So, the twentieth century called the century invention of medicine. In the twentieth century have been found and set the basic principles of modern medicine. One of the main things that have been discovered in microbes. From the moment when Louis Pasteur theorized about calls, the method and treatment of the disease are very changed. After that, they found the first vaccine. Hygiene is very improved, and food and water have become safer. All this has contributed to better progress in medicine. That means that some diseases that were incurable, in today’s time have become curable.

Today, the modern man we meet is with modern diseases such as; heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, many types of cancer, stroke, arthritis…¬† These are the diseases of modern life, called chronic diseases.


Challenge for medicine in the 21st century

The report of the World Health Organization, it is said that cardiovascular diseases are the number one disease, that in the modern world is dying. The way of life that leads modern man. Two diseases that are dying in the modern world are the various forms of cancer. And the cause for the emergence of this disease lies in lifestyle and eating. That includes high blood pressure on a global level on high ranks of mortality. As well as modern illnesses that today’s population interventions.

But let’s see what the causes for the emergence of this disease are.

After some logic, any normal person would say that it is quite silly that there are diseases when the medicine is so advanced. But it is not so when we discuss a little deeper. Why is modern medicine powerless against chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, and all the rest?


We will mention factors that are the basis for the emergence of this disease.

Fat is the number one and the biggest risk factor. Associated with this factor is high blood pressure. The occurrence is largely associated with cholesterol. Being overweight is also a factor that causes a large number of deaths. Inactive mode, life means little physical activity. And because of that little physical activity arise unspecified chronic illness.

Diabetes is also a risk factor that is associated with the formation of coronary disease. Nicotine is a factor that is also associated with coronary heart disease in humans, which is constant. And some other factors that could talk below and which are the cause for the emergence of chronic diseases.

And all of these factors are the cause for which arise chronic disease, with which modern medicine is still waging war.


Why then has the rise of chronic diseases?

When we see the past one hundred years, we’ll see that our ancestors died completely from different diseases with a small lifetime. Everyone thinks that aging occurs in atherosclerosis. But is not true. Because, before one hundred years ago no one knew about a heart attack or heart disease. Cancer as a disease is not generally known, but today is the second-largest cause of death. So, we need to understand that all these chronic diseases are not hereditary degenerative either.

Then what is the answer to this problem?

The answer is given to us modern epidemiology. Integrating today’s diseases which lead to mortality closely associated with lifestyle. That means that today’s lifestyle is abundant from food, drink, alcohol, cigarettes, as opposed to small physical activity. Is the modern way of life as opposed to when it is ruled by poverty and ignorance. So, chronic diseases, as opposed to laptop-communicable diseases, can be detected through a microscope, or they give some antibiotics so that the flies. These are diseases that medicine reduces or delays the pain of the patient.


So how then to solve this problem?

With the emergence of new chronic diseases, basically, we can connect them with habits that lie within each of us. These habits develop a risk factor, which is a trigger with the gun capable of firing a shot. The trigger is that our habits can change and greatly improve our health and extend our lifespan. Here’s what those habits;

Daily sleep 7-8 hours

  • Maintain body weight within normal limits
  • Regular and hearty breakfast
  • Regular physical activity
  • Not smoking
  • Abstinence from alcoholic beverages
  • Rare snacks

Considering such a delivered solution, each would have done a lot to maintain and improve their health. A healthy diet and exercise could prevent at least one-third of cases of malignant disease, and not smoking could prevent the next third.

Bring the last word conclusion

We can safely say that all the health problems of the modern world, do not depend on doctors, technological advancement, or the equipment of health facilities. It depends on our way of life. What we eat how much we drink water, daily. And much more.

People are becoming more aware and increasingly are taking responsibility for their health and change their habits. Good health depends on what we are willing to do for ourselves. So, everyone has a good review and considers what they can do to improve their health and extend life.

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