The disease of a modern man

This is a disease that involves the operation of the wound dressing. More specifically, it includes emptying the crevice.

Regular suppression of the creme should be 2-3 times a day, depending on the amount of food we take into the body. It would be desirable that after each meal and the discharge of the creme. It does not even have to happen because each organism is different and every metabolism functions differently.

Contrary to this, there is constipation that overcomes the regular emptying of the crevice. This is accompanied by constipation that means less than three empty for a long period.

Obstipation and troublesome digestion are frequent accomplices of the modern lifestyle. Scientists say that almost a third of the world’s population has a problem with untreated digestion. Male mortality is 12% while the female is 16%. We can also link it to the age limit, so it increases with ages and over 60 years of age is 34%.

Possible causes of constipation are inadequate intake of dietary fibers, then drugs (opioids), as well as GIT disorders (irritable syndrome, diverticulitis, tumors). Also included are hormonal disorders (hypothyroidism, diabetes, hypercalcemia), neurogenesis, or systemic diseases. But in most patients, the cause of constipation may remain unknown.

Therefore, constipation is defined as having at least two of the following several symptoms: less than three discharges per week, anorectic obstruction (blockade), sense of incomplete defecation, dry or hard chairs, attempts to regulate defecation in different ways, with symptoms occurring within three months, and the first symptoms were observed 6 months before diagnosis.


Common and transient constipation

The role of the digestive system is to degrade the food we enter. After that, in the colon, absorption occurs on mineral substances and water, and the bacterial fermentation is shaped by a chair. From feeding to defecation, it usually needs to pass about 24 hours. It does not have to mean that it is the right time. The process of digestion and bowel emptying depends on several factors: quantity and type of foods that enter, how much liquid we enter during the day, how our physical activity is during the day, various medications, and medicine. And all of this affects the operation of the hose and its discharge.

While transient constipation is a common occurrence that occurs when traveling or changing the environment or some strong stress. This constipation is often harmless. It is rapidly moving.

We must say that constipation as a phenomenon also occurs during the pregnancy in the woman’s pregnant woman. But, also in people who had various surgical procedures and older people. The most common is an example of people who have problems with hemorrhoids. It is very difficult and painful to have this emptying because hemorrhoids make it more difficult to process this process.


Setting Diagnosis

When dealing with such a problem with a primary care physician, one should first determine what type of occupation is. Namely, a history of family history is taken, a review is carried out, and further investigations are carried out. The diagnosis of the anamnesis gives rise to specific diagnoses a comprehensive picture of this problem. Here you get specific answers to the following questions;

How much a pediatric patient has problems, how old he is, whether there is a tv in a chair or suddenly loses weight, thus obtaining a complete picture of anamnesis.

But in a larger number of patients, trials only focus on changing diet and physical activity.


What to do

The key to the treatment of constipation is the change in the diet or the use of rich fiber foods. For example, fruits, vegetables, cereals, as well as taking more fluid (4-6 glasses of water during the morning) and increased physical activity.

Instead of refined cereals, include grains of whole grains of grain in the diet. Several times a week eat legumes. Eat daily fermented dairy products with the addition of probiotics. Do not delay the need for bowel discharge as it can cause symptoms to worsen. Changing these habits to the improvement does not come immediately but in a few weeks.



Obstipation is a disease in today’s age is very common especially in the elderly. For proper treatment, it is necessary for the physician to pay enough attention and time to each patient. After the necessary treatment is carried out. The short-term use of volume laxatives is one of the first measures in the treatment of constipation. After the change in a diet rich in plant fibers and higher physical activity, the most common causes of constipation are poor nutrition and lack of physical activity.

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