Why people get fat

The Simplest Guidance For Why People Get Fat

Anyone would have asked this question, he would say that the main reason is to eat too much, but a little move. And each doctor would give the same answer; you must eat less, more will be on the move to the more expends calories. This is the answer that you gave each man.

But it is not a permanent solution to the problem of obesity. Anyone who has had personal experience with this problem, well knows that, do not take off the extra pounds. And that they tried this procedure, kilograms are again returned as before. This yo-yo effect is well known to everyone and a common phenomenon that accompanies all diets.

When we talk about diet, we need to mention the experience that each person has, in connection with remove excess weight. And that is that a diet with reduced intake of calories leads to weight loss, but also to return the previous weight. Are very rare ones who managed to after the loss of excess underweight to keep new. Why is it so difficult and almost impossible to reduce weight and keep a slim figure?

The answer to this question may be given, but it must be noted that while it is all about the manner and mode of eating. These are the two conceived of that depend on our body and metabolism how will you spend and stored near the fat deposits. Because the body is starving for a long time when doing food intake and weight gain begins. This is so because the resulting food is saved for later. Also leads to a slower metabolism and fat storage in the body. So is come to restore weight after the diet. Therefore must be established regime of eating. Hunger does not in itself mean and weight loss.


Why with all the information and knowledge, yet unsuccessful in a legal battle with overweight?

This is so because no one mentioned hormones. Nowhere is it mentioned that humans are the main cause of weight gain. It is known that accelerated metabolism, hyperthyroidism, leading to weight loss. Just as it is also known to slow metabolism, hypothyroidism leads to weight gain. But these hormones are not the main causes of weight gain. In the human organism, there is a hormone that is the primary cause of weight gain.


The insulin-a hormone that causes weight gain

We can say that the main cause of weight gain is insulin. This hormone is the main control of blood sugar.

Entering on foods such as potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, white cakes, and everything is made from flour, degraded to the basic molecule of sugar. This means that the absorption of glucose in the blood leads to an increase in blood sugar levels. Why should the pancreas secrete the hormone insulin to remove sugar from the blood? ┬áBecause normal levels of sugar in the blood are 5 grams of glucose. Everything above this limit is harmful to health. So insulin is depleted bloodstream of glucose. This is the reason for the lower blood sugar levels after eating. At that point, a small part of the insulin-treated sugar sends to the muscles and liver. And the other part is converted into fat and stored in fat cells as stocks of ” later ”.

Because then the body thinks it lacks energy. But is not able to consume fat. Then there is a major problem. The problem is insulin, as long as the blood cannot get to the burning of fat in the body. Insulin locks fat in the fat cells, and therefore cannot get to their exploitation. So there is a hunger for food rich in sugar. But nothing has changed. The resumption of carbohydrates in the body is again mostly stored as fat, so there can be no exploitation of sugar as energy for the body, as long as the insulin is in the blood.

But with insulin, there is another problem-the lack of it. It is a disease which is known as type 1 diabetes. It leads to a complete depletion of fatty deposits. In this case, does not produce insulin, and fat loss is reduced. Therefore, it can be said that excess insulin leads to weight gain while lack of this hormone leads to loss of body weight.

The absence of insulin leads to the release of fatty deposits in the blood and their spending power as the bloodstream. One can control the level of insulin in the blood. It is very easy to be done. Only with control and selection of the food we eat. Thereby, we need to know that carbohydrates cause insulin secretion, while fat and protein do not lead to its excretion.

Therefore, we can say that food that is rich in carbohydrates leads to weight gain. And therefore does not have to be hungry to be impaired. Can be free to eat, but the food is with a smaller level of carbohydrates.

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